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Q: Pretend you're reading an op-ed piece about the why fans should continue to support the Detroit Lions despite the team's historically poor win-loss record and questionable management decisions It's w?
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How does Queen Elizabeth II continue to shape the country?

She continues to shape the country by being the queen and making decisions for the country.

Is moore's law predictor of growth of CPU valid?

Well, so far historically it has proven to be amazingly accurate. Will it continue to be valid? Only time will tell.

Why many firms in the UK continue to use a traditional management style coupled with job designs based in the principles of scientific management?

that's exactly what Ben asked

Is weight management acceptable for men?

Yes men need to keep in shape the same as women. Weight management is a lifestyle that requires dedication and the will power to continue the lifestyle.

What is the benefit of correlation and regression analysis in business decisions?

The benefit of using correlation and regression analysis in business decisions is that it allows you to weigh outcomes. This can help managers see if they should continue with their current model or make changes to it.

How do you move out of my parents house at 12?

There is really no way to legally make that work out. Until you are 18, your parents continue to be responsible and make the decisions.

What is Parliaments responsible for when there is an election in Canada?

Nothing - parliament is dissolved during an election.Another ViewWhile the Parliament of Canada is dissolved, the Steering Committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets, and Administrationcontinues to meet in order to make any decisions necessary to carry on the internal management and administration of the Senate of Canada (such as labour issues and expenses).The Board of Internal Economy of the House of Commons also continues to meet to make decisions around the administration and management of the House. The members of the House of Commons who are members of the Board are deemed to continue as members even during the time that Parliament has been dissolved.

The functions of estate management in a built envronment?

Estate management handles all necessary functions that allow a built environment to continue to flourish. Property management surveying, keeping track of finances, and handling business affairs are all part of the job.

What will be your opinion on disaster management?

The issue of disaster management and risk reduction wold continue to preoccupy the minds of many or even dominate our national discourse so long as disasters do not crease to unfold

Discuss two Internal factors that can influence a hospitality business?

Employees and management both influence a company within the hospitality industry. With the right management team and employees, customers will continue to return to the hotel.

Is there a fee to download workforce management software?

"Some workforce management software is free, others have a cost. Some even have a free trial, but ask that you pay if you continue to use it after a certain time period."

Is Management by Objectives MBO is the motivating factor or controlling technique?

Management by objectives is both a motivating factor and a controlling technique. Employees are motivated to continue to perform while the direction they are headed is controlled by their manager.