Positives things of swimming

Updated: 9/28/2023
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- It's a way to keep fit, and burn lots of calories whilst having fun. - The swimming pool is somewhere to go on a rainy day! - You can train up to be a competitive swimmer and aim to swim in the Olympics, to get a gold medal. -There are 4 different strokes in swimming, so if you don't like one stroke or you can't do it, you can always try another one! -There is also syncronised swimming so if you don't like proper swimming, you could try syncronised swimming which is basically dancing in water with a team.

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You get exercise. More info: Swimming uses more muscles in the body than any other type of exercise. It is great for a full cardio workout, and helps build muscles, stamina and strength. It also burns more calories than other exercises.

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Q: Positives things of swimming
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