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Q: Points awarded if hold is maintained less than five seconds?
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Points awarded if hold is maintained over five seconds?


How many seconds in seven points five hours?

7.5 hours is 27,000 seconds.

What effect did common sense have on colonial attitudes toward great Britain?

It made Colonists resent Great Britain. You can save five points and look at wikipedia for two seconds, broseph.

How many seconds in five minutes?

300 seconds in five minutes

How long does it take for cotton to burn in five seconds?

Five seconds.

How many points are possible in a Yahtzee game?

The maximum score of 375 is achieved by scoring five aces (5 points), five twos (10 points), five threes (15 points), five fours (20 points), five fives (25 points), five sixes (30 points), the Bonus for Upper Box row score equaling or exceeding 63 points (35 points), five sixes played as Three-of-a-kind (30 points), five sixes played as a Four-of-a-kind (30 points), a Full House (25 points), a Small Straight (30 points), a Large Straight (40 points), a Yahtzee (50 points), and five sixes played as Chance (30 points). If the Yahtzee bonuses are included, this score can be elevated to 1,575 points. This would mean 12 bonuses of 100 points are awarded for each of the 12 non-Yahtzee boxes. In this case, one would fill in the Yahtzee box first, then each box in the Upper Section, and then use the remaining Yahtzees as wild cards for the Lower Section boxes. This requires employing the "Jokers" rule using the Yahtzees as wild cards in the small and large straight spots.

How many seconds are in five minutes and forty five second?

345 seconds

When was To Venus in Five Seconds created?

To Venus in Five Seconds was created in 1897.

How many flying club reward points are on offer with Hertz rental cars?

Currently the figure for flying club reward points on offer with Herz rental cars stands at seventy five per United States Dollar spent. Additional points may be awarded to frequent customers.

How many pages does To Venus in Five Seconds have?

To Venus in Five Seconds has 130 pages.

How many bonus points did Carl Edwards have in the 2011 Sprint Cup Series?

Heading into the 2011 Chase, Carl Edwards had 'five bonus points'. He was awarded this for his win on March 6th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. These are bonus points given to a driver for winning a race before the Chase begins.

How much is five minutes in seconds?

300 seconds