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The 1972 Dolphins gave up 171 points in the 14 game regular season and 38 points in 3 playoff games including the Super Bowl (VII). They shutout three teams (Colts twice and the Patriots) and gave up more than 20 points in a game only three times (Bills 23, Jets 24, Patriots 21).

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Q: Points allowed by Miami Dolphins defense 1972?
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Who is Miami Dolphins all time leading scorer?

Former Dolphins kicker Olindo Mare, who was with the team from 1997 through 2006, is the Miami Dolphins' all-time scoring leader with 1,048 points.

What is the Most points scored in a single game by the Miami Dolphins?

The most points ever scored by the Dolphins is 55, set in a game on November 24, 1977 at St. Louis. The Dolphins defeated the Rams 55-14.

What is the hometown of the Miami Dolphins?

it is the name, Miami is the hometown of the MIAMI dolphins

What state is the dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are from Miami, Florida.

Who were the Miami defense in 1985?

In the early 80s the Miami Dolphins' defense were known as the Killer B's because many of their starters' last names began with a B, including Kim Bokamper, Bob Baumhower, Doug Betters, and the Blackwood brothers. The Killer Bees were the NFL's top rated defense in 1982, and they led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl. By 1985 the defense had many of the same names, but was no longer a good defense. A joke referred to the team as the Miami Olphins since the team had no D.

When was Miami Dolphins created?

Miami Dolphins was created in 1966.

What is the only team that failed to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game?

It was on January 16, 1972(or super bowl VI). The Dolphins only scored 3 points in the entire game.

Who is the Miami Dolphins Founder?

The founder for the Miami Dolphins Joesph Robbie

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14 points by the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII. They defeated the Washington Redskins, 14-7.

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The most points scored in a game by the Jaguars was in a first round playoff game against the Miami Dolphins on January 15, 2000. The Jaguars defeated the Miami Dolphins, 62-7, in what was to be Dan Marino's final game in the NFL.

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