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Do not play sport with drugs it is not healthy for you at all and you will get suspended

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Q: Playing sports with drugs
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What chemicals are released when playing sports that make you not want to use drugs?

mah dick

Which drugs are most popular in sports?

One of the most popular drugs in Sports are steroids

What kind of drugs are used in sports?

The kind of drugs that are used in sports, are amphetamine, Andros,Darbepoetin, DHEA, Diuretics.

What do drugs do to sports?

Drugs in sports makes sports unfair. Or it causes all players to risk their lives more and more to get an edge. So, if drugs in sports are banned, then it is about who trained the most and has the best skill, not who has the best "pharmacist" (or drug dealer).

Why is drugs in sport bad?

Some drugs can enhance the sport competitors strength and stamina when playing a sport. This makes it unfair to those who are playing the game fairly and without drugs. It's especially important in sports such as sprinting and swimming, as every second counts i think that when you use drugs it gives you an effect that just mkaes you feel unreal.

Are steroids good in sports?

Steroids are not good in sports because they could harm you and are drugs. You should never use drugs.

When did drugs in sport start?

Drugs in sports came around 1970.

No to drugs yes to sport?

yes to sports no to drugs. you got it sonny

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What are the effect of drugs in sports?

One needs to be more specific. Which aspect of sports performance? Which sports.

Does using drugs in sports affect your brain?

Well it depends what sports you are playing and what drug like marijuana for instance most if you wish to join a major sport team most of them won't allow you in anyways

What can drugs do to affect rugby playing?

there are a vast range of performance improvement drugs that are outlawed by the various sports bodies and of course th IRB. Controlled drugs (illegal) are an immeadiate banning offence. Basically there are no drugs to improve the player, just hard work training, correct diet

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