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Q: Playing a game of soccer is what type of physical activity?
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Playing a game of softball is what type of physical activity?


Playing a game of softball is what kind of physical activity?


Playing a game of volleyball baseball or softball would be what level of physical activity?

Moderate :)

How much physical activity is there during one soccer game?

Basically the physical activity during one soccer game is almost impossible to determine. It really depends on how much running you do, or what position you play. Usually the goalie and the defensemen don't do much running. Mid-fielders get the biggest workouts, and forwards falling in the middle. If you are looking for a sport that requires a lot of physical activity, I'd probably go with either basketball or soccer.

What are the health and physical benefits of playing soccer?

The player's arms, legs, heart and lungs all get a good workout during the average soccer game.

What are the drawbacks of playing Soccer?

The drawbacks of playing soccer mostly relate to the physical aspect of the game. People are likely to get injured at some point during their career, and it is also hard on the body to run as much as soccer players do.

How do you use soccer in a sentence?

I play soccer I played soccer Soccer is a game I enjoy watching/playing

What are the physical benefit of playing soccer?

Soccer demands physically fit players since the game includes running as much as 3 or 4 miles per match. Cardivascular endurance is a physic ally beneficial result of the jogging and running that an outdoor soccer player normally does in a game.

Playing a game of softball is what type of activity?


Do astronauts play soccer?

There are no specific records of them playing the game

What do you do after completing the platinum game?

Go outside and Get Physical Activity

How many soccer are there in the world?

Few days ago, i am analytical soccer world round 92% people love soccer, end 80% playing a soccer game i am also playing I bought soccer jersey, soccer Sock, etc one shop

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