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The only footballer to win two Champion League medals with two diffrent clubs is the French footballer Marseille Desailly.

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Q: Players who have won champions league with more than 1 club?
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What players have played in the champions league for more than 4 different clubs?


Who is leading in champion league?

No team really leads in the Champions League as despite its name, it is more like a tournament. But Real Madrid are the most successful Club in the Champions league with 10 titles.

How many coaches have won the uefa champions league with more than one club?


Which 8 players have won the premier league and champions league?

This question is irrelevant, it cannot reveal a full picture. If you consider that in 1999 and 2008 Manchester United won both the Premier League and Champions League. That would mean that there are more than 8 players who have won both.

Which is More watched- champions league or Super Bowl?

The champions league!

What football club has won more Champions League cups than any other?

Real madrid

Who has won the champions league with more than one club?

Clarence Seendorf Ajax R.Madrid Milan

What players have scored 2 goals in a champions league match?

So MANY players have scored 2 goals in a Champions League match. PLayers like Henry, Messi, Ronaldo, Raul, Ruud Van Nistelruoy have all scored 2goals in a CL match. And there are many more.

Players won 3 or more champions league?

Paulo Maldini, Clarence seedorf have won the champion league medal on three diffrent years.

Which players have won champions league more than once?

Wayne Rooney has won it twice both with Manchester United.

Who among the uefa champions league and the premier is more richer?

As the champion league is played to decide which club is best in the world , they are paid much more compared to E.P.L or the U.E.F.A.

What is champions league?

champions leaguethe champions league is the most prestigious cup in Europe Only the best teams in Europe can participate in the champions leagueIt consists of 8 groups with 4 teams in eachThe club which has won the champions league more times that is 9 is Real MadridIt's the most intriguing tournament there is, Real Madrid have been the best throughout its history, coz they r Spanish

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