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Some are:

1) Nick Swisher - White Sox (2008), Yankees (2009).

2) Luis Vizcaino - White Sox (2005), Yankees (2007).

3) Ruben Sierra - White Sox (1998), Yankees (2003-2005).

4) Kenny Lofton - White Sox (2002), Yankees (2004).

5) Jose Contreras - White Sox (2004-2009), Yankees (2003-2004).

6) Esteban Loaiza - White Sox (2003-2004, 2008), Yankees (2004).

7) Orlando Hernandez - White Sox (2005), Yankees (1998-2002, 2004).

8) Robin Ventura - White Sox (1989-1998), Yankees (2002-2003).

9) Jeff Nelson - White Sox (2006), Yankees (1996-2000), 2003).

10) Tim Raines - White Sox (1991-1995), Yankees (1996-1998).

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Q: Players who Played for White Sox and Yankees?
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Who has better players the Yankees or the Red Sox?

The Yankees have more players going to the Hall of Fame.

Who played on the New York Yankees Old-Timers' Day in 1988?

Chicago White Sox vs. Yankees

How many White Sox players were banned from baseball?

8 White Sox players were banned from baseball.

When will the white sox play the Yankees?

They already have.

What was Yankees record against Red Sox 2007?

The Red Sox and Yankees played 18 times in 2007. The Yankees won 10 and the Red Sox won 8.

What team was Gustavo Molina on before he joined the New York Yankees?

Prior to signing with the Yankees as a free agent after the 2010 season, he played with the Red Sox. He has also been on the Mets, White Sox, and Orioles.

Red Sox are better than Yankees?

No way. The Yankees are leaps and bounds better than the Red Sox. Not only do the Yankees have twenty more World Series wins but they, unlike the Red Sox, consist of talented, classy players.

Which Players played for both Yankees and Red Sox?

babe ruth, al leither, johhny damon, and i cant remember because there are so many

Did the Yankees ever beat the sox the WS?

Both the White Sox and the Red Sox are American League teams as are the Yankees and would never play each other in the World Series.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play for the Chicago White Sox?

No. Mickey Mantle played his entire career for the New York Yankees.

Who leads the Yankees-White Sox all-time series?

If my calculations are correct it is the Yankees 110-23.

What famous sports players have the initials JD?

J.D. Drew(Boston RedSox), John Danks(Chicago White Sox),and Joe DiMaggio(New York Yankees).

Which two teams played in the 1919 World Series?

Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. This was the game where multiple players on the White Sox took money to purposely loose the world series. Also known as the "Black Sox Scandal"

Why did the 1920 Chicago White Sox not win the pennant?

The Yankees were better.

Players who Played for White Sox and cubs?

Some of the more notable players that played with both teams are: 1) Smoky Burgess - Cubs (1949-1951), White Sox (1964-1967) - at the time of his retirement Burgess owned the MLB record, since broken, for number of career pinch hits. 2) Hi Bithorn - Cubs (1942-1946), White Sox (1947) - first Puerto Rican born player in MLB. 3) Bobby Bonds - Cubs (1981), White Sox (1978) - father of Barry Bonds. 4) Phil Cavaretta - Cubs (1934-1953), White Sox (1954-1955) - 4 time All Star 5) Goose Gossage - Cubs (1988), White Sox (1972-1976) - Hall of Famer most remembered for his time with the Yankees. 6) Clark Griffith - Cubs (1893-1900), White Sox - (1901-1902) - Hall of Famer, was manager of the 1901 White Sox who won the first American League pennant as a major league. 7) Don Larsen - Cubs (1967), White Sox (1961) - threw only perfect game in World Series history with the Yankees in 1956. 8) Sammy Sosa - Cubs (1992-2004), White Sox (1989-1991) - home run heroics now tainted by performance enhancement allegations. 9) Ron Santo - Cubs (1960-1973), White Sox (1974) - the baseball writers probably will wait until he dies before electing him to the Hall of Fame ... a shame. 10) Hoyt Wilhelm - Cubs (1970), White Sox (1963-1968) - Hall of Famer. Click on the 'Players Who Played for the White Sox and Cubs' link below for a listing of players who played for both teams.

Who did Nick Swisher play for before the New York Yankees?

From 2004-2007 he played for the Oakland Athletics. In 2008 he played for the Chicago White Sox.

How many MLB teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants do not display their players' names on their home uniforms. While the Red Sox and Giants have their players' names on their away jerseys, the Yankees do not display them on their road jerseys.

Why are the Chicago White Sox called the white sox?

The Chicago White Sox received their name after the white stockings that the players wore; in fact, in 190, the team shortened their name from White Stockings to White Sox, as the local newspapers had shortened it for headline-writing purposes.

What player has World Series rings with White Sox and Yankees?

Pitcher Orlando Hernandez (El Duque) was with the Yankees for their World Series championships in 1998, 1999, and 2000 and with the White Sox for their World Series victory in 2005.

Who are some White Sox or Cub christian players?

You're not allowed to be a Christian and play for the White Sox (it's a rule of the team).

What team did Nick Swisher play for before the New York Yankees?

Prior to being traded to the Yankees, Nick Swisher played for the Chicago White Sox in 2008 and the Oakland A's from 2004-2007.

What hotel do the Yankees stay at when playing the Chicago White Sox?

When the New York Yankees visit Chicago to play against the White Sox, they stay at the Hilton Chicago. It is located at 720 South Michigan Avenue in Downtown Chicago.

What Red Sox Players have worn the number 7?

Click on the 'Red Sox Numbers' link on this page to see what players played for the Red Sox and what numbers they wore.

How many games have the Yankees played against the Red Sox?


How many White Sox players are in the Hall of Fame?