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Q: Player who won serie a with two different clubs?
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Which player has scored greater than 100 premiership goals for two different clubs?

Alan Shearer

Which Footballer who has played for four different clubs in four different leagues in one season?

Is that possible? FIFA laws state that a player cannot play for more than two clubs in one year

Which players have won the champions league with different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf has won 3 champion league medals with Ajax, real Madrid, A,C. Milan, Marcel Desailly has won it with Olympie Marseille's in two years . The only player to win the champion league with two diffrent clubs in two years.

English player to win two champions league medals with two different clubs?

There are two players Henning Berg anand damien duff. Blackburn Rovers and chelsea.

Who has won the champions league with 2 different clubs as a manager?

Ernst Happel, Ottmar Hitzfield and Jose Mourinho are the three coaches that have won the champions league with two different clubs. But only Ernst Happel and Jose Mourinho have won it twice with two different clubs from two different countries.

Who has scored for two different premiership clubs?

bill Cosby

Who is the only player to win the premiership with two different clubs?

Henning Berg. With Blackburn in 94-95 and Manchester United in 98-99 and 99-00

Who is the first and only player to have won two European treble back to back with two different clubs in two different countries?

It's Samuel Eto'o..first with Barcelona in 2008/09 season..secon with inter in 2009/10 season

Is hells angels and hessians the same?

No. They are two different Motorcycle Clubs.

Which premiership player has played for two out of the four top clubs?

Nicolas Anelka

Who is the only player to have won the Champions League in successive years with two different clubs?

Paulo Sousa (Juventus in 1996, Borussia Dortmund - against Juventus - in 1997)

Footballers to win with two different clubs?

The only player to play for two countries is the yugoslavian footbaler who played in the 190 world cup and in 1998 world cup for Croatia. His name isRobert Pronsincki.