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A player that runs out of bounds on purpose can not be the first player to make contact with the ball or the ball carrier. If they are pushed out of bounds by a blocker and make and effort to get back in quickly, they can make the tackle.

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Q: Player runs out of bounds and back to make tackle?
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Can a professional football player run out of bounds and then come back in and make a tackle legally?

Well if the professional football player has the ball then no cuz if you go out of bounds then you go out of bounds so.

Can a defensive player run out of bounds then come back in to make a tackle as happened in the super bowl?

I read all the NFL penalty rules and there is no penalty for a defender being out of bounds or going out of bounds and tackling a ball carrier, which is why there was no penalty on the play. Because for a penalty to be called it would have to be against the rules, and there is no rule against it. So, yes, a defensive player can run out of bounds and come back in and make a tackle. As a side note, some people claim the tackle rule is the same as the "out of bounds player being the first to touch the ball" as why this is illegal. These are two completely different circumstances and are not interchangeable.

Can a gunner run down the field out of bounds then reenter to tackle the ball carrier?

Only if he is forced out. If the gunner voluntarily runs out of bounds to avoid blockers on the return team, and then runs back in bounds to make the tackle, it is a penalty.

If a player is out of bounds can he be the first to recover a fumble by the other team Example is Ohio State player recovering a Northwestern fumble.?

A defensive player may go out of bounds and then come back in bounds and make a tackle or recover a fumble. An offensive player may not go out of bounds voluntarily and then catch a pass. The only other rule about going out of bounds in the college rulebook is that a member of the kicking team may not go out of bounds voluntarily and then come back onto the field to make a play.

Can a NFL player come back from out of bounds to tackle the ball carrier?

Yes he can. If you want proof you can see it in a Super Bowl XLIII re-run where #92 of the Steelers ran that interception back for a touchdown. Larry Fitzgerald was out of bounds just before he tackled #92 in the end zone. Only if the player was forced out of bounds by the opposing team can he come back in to make a tackle which was not the case in SB XLIII and Fitzgerald. He may have been forced out by an Arizona player but he was no forced out by a Pittsburgh player. He was not flagged because they simply did not see it.

Can a player run out of bounds and come back in to make a play?

If he is on defense.

Can a receiver who was pushed out of bounds come back in bounds and make a catch?


How do you use tackle in a sentence as a verb?

The football player had to tackle the receiver so they wouldn't make a touchdown!!

Does an NFL offensive player have to reestablish his eligibility after stepping out of bounds before he can make a catch?


What are two things a back row player should do in volleyball?

follow the ball everywhere! just for backup if one of your teamates misses it. And follow the ball to the line to make sure it is out of bounds.

How do you make a sentence using leaps and bounds?

I always smile when I see the dog make leaps and bounds.

Can you tackle an NFL player with your helmet?

You cannot tackle another player with your helmet. You can in fact tackle another player leading with your helmet...the rule is that you cannot make helmet to helmet contact with another player. That being said it is unsafe to lead with your helmet in any situation due to injury probability, you risk neck and head injuries when you lead with your helmet.

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