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Kyle Beach-- North Vancouver, BC, CAN

Bryan Bickell-- Bowmanville, ON, CAN

Dave Bolland-- Mimico, ON, CAN

Troy Brouwer-- Vancouver, BC, CAN

Adam Burish-- Madison, WI, USA

Dustin Byfuglien-- Minneapolis, MN, USA

Jake Dowell-- Eau Claire, WI, USA

Ben Eager-- Ottawa, ON, CAN

Colin Fraser-- Sicamous, BC, CAN

Marian Hossa-- Stará Lubovna, SVK

Patrick Kane-- Buffalo, NY, USA

Tomas Kopecky-- Ilava, SVK

Andrew Ladd-- Maple Ridge, BC, CAN

John Madden-- Toronto, ON, CAN

Patrick Sharp-- Winnipeg, MB, CAN

Jack Skille-- Madison, WI, USA

Jonathan Toews-- Winnipeg, MB, CAN

Kris Versteeg-- Lethbridge, AB, CAN


Nick Boynton-- Nobleton, ON, CAN

Brain Campbell-- Strathroy, ON, CAN

Brain Connelly-- Bloomington, MN, USA

Jassen Cullimore-- Simcoe, ON, CAN

Jordan Hendry-- Lanigan, SK, CAN

Niklas Hjalmarsson-- Eksjo, SWE

Kim Johnsson-- Malmo, SWE

Duncan Keith-- Winnipeg, MB, CAN

Shawn Lalonde-- Ottawa, ON, CAN

Danny Richmond-- Chicago, IL, USA

Brent Seabrook-- Richmond, BC, CAN

Brent Sopel-- Calgary, AB, CAN


Corey Crawford-- Calgary, AB, CAN

Cristobal Huet-- St-Martin-d'Hères, FRA

Antti Niemi-- Vantaa, FIN

Hannu Toivonen--Kalvola, FIN

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Q: Player nationality on the Chicago blackhawks?
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Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks

What division are the Chicago Blackhawks?

The Chicago Blackhawks are in the Central Division.

Who wore number 70 for the Chicago Blackhawks?

No player has ever worn number 70 for Chicago.

One player on the Chicago blackhawks team?

Patrick Kane #88

Who was the first black player to play for the Chicago Blackhawks?

Dirk Graham.

If you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan who is your most favorite player on the team?


Who was the first black player to play with the Chicago Blackhawks?

Dirk Graham.

Who is the best player on the Chicago Blackhawks 2011-2012?

Kane and Carcilo

How many Canadians in Chicago blackhawks?

There are 15 Canadians on the Chicago Blackhawks as of 2011.

How many Americans on the Chicago Blackhawks?

There are currently seven Americans on the Chicago Blackhawks

If you are a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks who is your favorite player?

Patrick Sharp He is awesome.

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