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Player names were added to the back on Michigan jerseys in 1980.

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Q: Player names were added to the back of Michigan jerseys in what year?
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Why are the New York Yankees the only team that doesn't have their names on their jerseys?

They're not the only team. The San Francisco Giants, for example, don't have player names on their home jerseys.

What year did the Green Bay Packers first have names on their jerseys?

The Green Bay Packers, following the league's mandate, put player's names on their jerseys beginning with the 1970 season.

Who First baseball team to have names on jerseys?

The Chicago White Sox had names on their names for the road jerseys in 1960. In 1961, they had it for the home as well as their road jerseys.

Why did the Pittsburgh Steelers change the numbers on their jerseys?

The helmet is solid black with a gold central stripe and small white player numbers on the forehead. Last names were added to the jerseys in 1970, as part of a new NFL mandate resulting from the AFL-NFL merger (the AFL teams had last names on the back of their jerseys). In 1997, the team switched to rounded numbers on the jersey to match the number font (Futura Condensed) on the helmets, and a Steelers logo was added to the left side of the jersey.

Why don't the Red Sox home jerseys have the players names on them?

The Red Sox home jerseys do not have the player names on them, because it is assumed that all of the fans at Fenway will already know all of the players anyway.

Why don't the New York Yankees have their last names on their jerseys?

It is tradition for them to not wear their names on the backs of their jerseys.

Why don't the Giants baseball players have their names on their jerseys?

A lot of the older teams that were around 100 years ago don't wear their names on their jerseys, a combination of tradition, and the sentiment that "a true fan will know his player's numbers!"

Why do some baseball teams have names on their jerseys while other teams do not?

It tends to be a matter of home team etiquette overcoming blatant commercial advertising of a player's name. Teams like the Red Sox and Dodgers and Yankees (the Red Sox are the only one I can name for sure) don't put the names of the players on the home jerseys, probably because the hometown faithful are expected to know who they are. On the road jerseys, however, their names are listed, as is the case with any teams that have blank home jerseys that I know of. **** Correction. The Yankees do not have their names on their home jerseys OR their away jerseys.

When did the New York Yankees stop putting names on their jerseys?

Never StartedThe New York Yankees never put names on their Jerseys.

What year did MLB teams wear their names on their jerseys?

The White Sox, in 1960, became the first team to put names on their jerseys. As baseball popularity grew, other teams began to do the same. At this point all teams except the Yankees, wear jerseys with their names on them.

Can ncaa basketball have the names on the back of their jerseys?


Did the 1970 Vancouver canucks have names on the back of the jersey?

No they did not. This season, the Canucks are periodically wearing replica jerseys from 1970 to commemorate their 40th year in the league, and they do not have player names on the back.

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