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Pittsburgh's second professional football team is the Pittsburgh Passion. They are a professional football team they are womens though. There is not a second Pittsburgh mens professional football team.

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Q: Pittsburghs 2nd professional football team
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Taylor Swift's 2nd favorite football team is the Fighting Irish from Notre Dame, because her little brother, Austin, who is 18, goes there.

What does second and GOAL mean in football?

2nd and goal means that the team is on their 2nd down and are within 10 yards of the endzone. Goal is used to indicate that the team can no longer obtain a first down by advancing the football and has only four downs left to score in the endzone.

What team in 2004 did UT make the 2nd largest comeback in NCAA football history?

Oklahoma State

What football team does nicky byrne support?

He supports 2 football teams. The first 1 is Liverpool and the 2nd is Manchester United. He likes Liverpool better.

Is Sheffield United a good football team?

They are a fantastic team as they have played for 122 years of football there gonna get promoted and win the league 1 they was bad last season but this season they are covering the gaps and I think they would by 2nd or 1st

Best NFL football team?

Depends. I am a Ravens fan but gotta say this- who won the most superbowls? I hate to say this but the Steelers are the best team in the NFL. 2nd is the ravens

What NFL team has the most monday night football appearances?

The Miami Dolphins with 72 appearances. America's team (aka Dallas Cowboys) has the 2nd most appearances with 67

How many high school football players are aloud on a team?

Most high school football teams have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string players, so around 35 players is a normal number for the number of players on a high school football team but, only 11 players can be on the field at one time.

All time division 1 rushing record in 1951 Did Ollie Matson ever set college football career rushing record?

Yes! He led the nation with 1,566 yards and 21 touchdowns in 1951, his senior season at USF (University of San Francisco.) He was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals in 1952. The following year he played on the Fort Ord Army football team and was also on it's track team. In fact, he was the coach for the track team. Both of these team were outstanding - the best Service teams in the nation. The football team was so good that it played an exhibition game with the LA Rams and lost only 7-0. The great sports columnist, Grantland Rice, said that it was the best non-professional team ever assembled. Everyone on the team played professional ball after their discharges from the Army. The football team played in a special New Year's Day Bowl Game (the Sun Bowl in Arizona, as I recall. They played the 2nd best Service team, Quantico Marines, and won 63-0. The team, obviously, was loaded with talent but nobody on it was more talented than Ollie - who was also one of the world's great human beings. Well, as of this writing, he still is.

What professional baseball team had the highest ERA in baseball history?

the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies had a combined team ERA of 6.71. the team's overall record was 52-102. the 2nd highest team era was by the 1996 Detroit Tigers who had an ERA of 6.38 and a record of 53-109

Which team is the 2nd most successful team in England?

Currently Manchester city football club according to the Barclays premier league table(they have 77 points) behind manchester united(82 points)

Who was the 2nd in rushing in 1980 Philadelphia Eagles football season?

That was Louie Giammona with 371 yards. Wilbert Montgomery led the team with 778 yards.

What is the best under 16 to under 12 football team?

st marys fc 2nd luton united 3rd luton old boys

How many players does a high school football team have to have?

In Canadian football, while only 12* players are playing on the field at once, teams need more than just 12* players. They must have an offensive and defensive team. Most high school football teams have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string players, so thirty to forty players is a reasonable number. * only 11 in American football

Who is the soccer team for Man City FC?

The soccer team for Mac City FC is Manchester City. Man City, an English Premier football club, is currently 23-6, and is 2nd in the Barclays Premier League.

What sport do you most commonly see steroid abuse?

1st Baseball 2nd Football 1st Baseball 2nd Football

Do nfl football teams get a certain endzone side Or do they switch sides?

The team who doesn't get the ball at the coin flip decides which endzone they want. A team will have the same endzone in the first and fourth quarters and the opposite endzone in the 2nd and third quarters.

Which team in England not from the first division won in European Cup?

the team is Ipswich Town and she win in UEFA Cup in 1981 Ipswich were a first division team when they won the UEFA Cup. No Team has ever won a European Cup while in the second tier of Football. Notts Forests won the European Cup in 1979 and 1980 and subsequentley were relegated to the 2nd Division in 1992-93. As far as I know they are the only Team in European to have won a European Cup and been relegated to the Third Teir of English Football in 2004-2005

What does 2nd and 6 mean in football?

2nd down with 6 yards to go

How many players are on a NCAA Division 2 football team?

Im pretty sure 11 just like normal teams byt then theres 2nd string 3rd string and so on

Who are the top 10 best supported football clubs in world?

i don't know about world football.... but by supporter base Real Madrid are by far the biggest, 50% of football fans in south America class Real Madrid as their first or 2nd team. Manchester United and Barcelona are probably 2nd although you can't really count the fan base.... the majority of the abroad united fans barely any knowledge of the game.

Who is Hiram McBeth University of Arkansas Razorback Football?

2nd black football playet

Best team in football soccer?

According to 2006-2010 rankings the best team is ...1st. Barcelona2nd. Real Madrid3rd. Manchester unitedHope this helped

Are the 49ers a good football team?

Well the are a great football team but mostly in the 2011-2012 season. Ever since we got Jim Harbough as the coach we made it to the Play-Offs we were even in the 2nd seed. We are still playing in the 2011-2012 season though. As long as we can beat either the Green Bay Packers of New York Giants we're going to the Super Bowl.

What football player birthday is in march?

ben roethlisberger - 2nd Reegie bush - 2nd