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Pittsburgh's second professional football team is the Pittsburgh Passion. They are a professional football team they are womens though. There is not a second Pittsburgh mens professional football team.

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Q: Pittsburghs 2nd professional football team
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Taylor Swift's 2nd favorite football team is the Fighting Irish from Notre Dame, because her little brother, Austin, who is 18, goes there.

What team in 2004 did UT make the 2nd largest comeback in NCAA football history?

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What does second and GOAL mean in football?

2nd and goal means that the team is on their 2nd down and are within 10 yards of the endzone. Goal is used to indicate that the team can no longer obtain a first down by advancing the football and has only four downs left to score in the endzone.

What football team does nicky byrne support?

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They are a fantastic team as they have played for 122 years of football there gonna get promoted and win the league 1 they was bad last season but this season they are covering the gaps and I think they would by 2nd or 1st

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Depends. I am a Ravens fan but gotta say this- who won the most superbowls? I hate to say this but the Steelers are the best team in the NFL. 2nd is the ravens

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Most high school football teams have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string players, so around 35 players is a normal number for the number of players on a high school football team but, only 11 players can be on the field at one time.

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That was Louie Giammona with 371 yards. Wilbert Montgomery led the team with 778 yards.

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Currently Manchester city football club according to the Barclays premier league table(they have 77 points) behind manchester united(82 points)

What professional baseball team had the highest ERA in baseball history?

the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies had a combined team ERA of 6.71. the team's overall record was 52-102. the 2nd highest team era was by the 1996 Detroit Tigers who had an ERA of 6.38 and a record of 53-109

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