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200,000 dollars at most

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โˆ™ 2009-08-30 20:08:22
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Q: Picture taken of Babe Ruth hitting his 60th home run that is signed by him How much would it be worth?
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How much is a picture with Brenden Reilly with a personal message with autograph worth Ex. i have a picture that was taken with Brenden Reilly and it was signed t0 my friend Fred.?


What is the value of a picture signed by Elvis Presley?

It depends on what it is a picture of. If it is a picture of HIM and personally autographed, it would be worth a lot.

What is a picture worth signed by Pete Rose and Kunzel?

It is worth 3.2 trillion dollars

Is a signed Ozzy Osborne picture worth anything?


How much is signed picture of Ray Roberts worth?


How much is Dennis rodman signed picture worth?


How much is a Michael Jackson Picture Worth my grandma has a signed picture of Michael Jackson before he ever had surgery about how much is it worth?

hello its Michael Jackson! everybody wants a picture of him(except for the haters) and its signed to! its worth alot! lets say around 100-500 dollars or probably more than that!

Are ramona Jones pictures worth money?

is a signed picture of ramona jones worth money

Joe DiMaggio signed a picture in 1992 and it has a authenticity what is it worth?

The value would depend on a few things, but the picture is worth anywhere from $200 - $2500.. It would depend on what the picture is, how old the picture is, and who supplied the authenticity. If the picture was taken in 1992, it would be closer to a $250 or $300 value range, because its obviously after he retired.. But there is a market for pictures of Dimaggio after his playing career, you would just have to find a big Dimaggio fan

How much does it worth a picture call girl playing a lute?

A picture call girl playing a lute is worth very little. Unless the picture is signed by a popular person and in good condition then it could be worth lots of money.

How much is an authentic Jim Rice signed picture worth?

They sell for about 40 dollars.

How much is a picture of Baltimore signed by Johnny Unitas and Brooks Robinson worth?


Is a signed picture of Don Garlits worth any money?

no because hes a stupid idiot

How much is a signed 15X15 picture of Derek Jeter worth?

It's worth between 1000-1200 depends on if the autograph is in good condition.

How much is a signed picture of Moo-Moo Evans of the Globetrotters worth?

£6000,000 i bought off eBay

How much is a signed picture of Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle worth?

a LOT of money. use it wisely :)

How much is an autographed picture signed by Shaquille O'Neal worth?

I got one with a personalized note and it is easily $200

How much is a picture with the first seven Cowboy quarterbacks with Tom Landry and signed by Tom Landry be worth?


How much is a framed picture of Joe Montana with 4 Super Bowl rings signed worth?

1,000 bucks

How much does a signed baseball with Nolan Ryans picture and information on it?

it would be worth at least 400-500 dollors

How much is a picture signed by jack nicklaus and Phil Mickelson worth?

Try ebay, a collector or a sports memoribilia auction.

What is an original autographed picture of the Beatles worth do you think?

I'm not that sure but I've found an autograph signed by just John Lennon worth £2,549,21, hope this helps

What is a signed picture of Ken Brett worth?

I want to say that it is worth a lot, but Im not sure that youll get too many people to buy right now with the economy.

How much is a Tom Brady card worth?

Why is it worth anything if it is just a picture with stats on the back. If it was signed it would be worth some money, but otherwise it is just a regular card like all the others.

How much is a picture of Tiger Woods playing golf worth?

Very little, unless it is a very rare photograph or it has been signed.