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There are many different types of gymnastics apparatuses. Some of these include the uneven bars, the balance beam, as well as the vault.

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Q: Picture of pommel horse for gymnastics?
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In what sport is a pommel horse used?


What is a pommel horse?

A pommel horse is an apparatus used in the sport of Gymnastics.

What apparatus in gymnastics is referred to as the pig?

Pommel Horse

If a pommel horse is involved what sport is being played?


Is pommel hourse a men's Olympic sport?

Yes the pommel horse is part of the Gymnastics event for men in the Olympics

What are the equipment in men's gymnastics?

In men's gymnastics you have pommel horse, parrel bars, suspended rings along with vaulting horse, floor and tumble run.

What are some Olympic words that begin with the letter P?

· parallel bars gymnastics · pommel horse gymnastics

Which equipment do women not use in gymnastics?

Women do not use the rings, pommel horse, or parallel bars.

Louis Smith won a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics for which sport?

Gymnastics, on the pommel horse.

What apparatus' are used in gymnastics?

Women's Gymnastics: Floor, Balance Beam, uneven Bars, Vault Men's Gymnastics: Rings, Pommel Horse, Floor, High bar.

Who won the Gold medal in the Men's Pommel horse for Gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Krisztián Berki Hungary (HUN)

What is used in Artistic Gymnastics?

Still rings, uneven bars, high bars, parellel bars, pommel horse and vault.