Phillies all time record

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As of June 26, 2014, the all-time record for the Philadelphia Phillies is 9,037-10,080. The Philadelphia Quakers had a record of 390-424. The Phillies have won seven Pennants and two World Championships.

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Q: Phillies all time record
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What is the Chicago Cubs all-time win-loss record against the Philadelphia Phillies?

The Chicago Cubs have won 1,202 games. The Philadelphia Phillies have won 1,077 games. The all-time series dates back to 1893.

What is the Philadelphia Phillies all time win loss record?

more than 10,000 losses. so wise up.

What is the dodgers all time winning record against the Philadelphia Phillies?

Since 1901, the Dodgers have won 1059 and lost 829 games when playing against the Philadelphia Phillies.

What nl team has best record since all star game?


What is the phillies single season best win loss record?

3 Phillies teams are tied for this distinction. The 1977 Phillies, 1976 Phillies and the 1886 Philadelphia Quakers all had a .623 winning percentage.

What is the Philadelphia Phillies franchise win loss record?

The Philadelphia Phillies have a current all-time won-loss record of 9067 wins and 10114 losses. However, 2014 isn't over yet so this will change. Also, they played several years in the 1800s as the Quakers. So, the franchise record is actually 9457-10538.

What team has the losingest record in all sports?

As of 2007, the Philadelphia Phillies had the most, with over 10,000. As of 2011, that record still stands.

What is the Bears all time postseason record?

There all time postseason record is 17-18.

What is the phillies all time winning percentage?

As of 2/28/16, the Phillies have won 47.19% of their games.

What is unc all time basketball record?

All-time record 2032-727 (.736) Currently 2nd All-time to Kentucky

What is the all-time record for completing the iditarod?

The all time record is 8 days, 15 hours.

What is the Seattle Seahawks all time record?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Seahawks all time regular season record is 236-248 and their all time postseason record is 6-9.

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