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In the MLB it's 85% of ball players that use steroids. In 9 through 12 grade 6.1% of kids used anabolic steroids.

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Q: Percentage of baseball players using steroids?
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How many Major League Baseball players have been banned for using steroids?

about 5% of MLB players or (Major League Baseball) players used or inject steroids. Some of the greats like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, ALex Rodriquez, Roger Clemens, Miguel Tejada, and Rafael Palmeiro. Thos are just some of the great players.

What players on the Mitchell Report have denied using steroids?

David Justice others?

Do NBA players use steroids?

YES ... The last player to be caught and banned for using steroids in the NBA was the Hornets' Chris Andersen ...

Percentage of professional athletes using steroids?

100% except for Peyton manning

Are the Chicago White Sox currently using steroids to enhance their players to win games?


How do you not get caught for using steroids in baseball juiced?

just don't take them???

What players on the Mitchell Report have admitted using steroids?

Gary Bennett Jay Gibbons Andy Pettitte others?

Who hit the most home runs in baseball without using steroids?

Hank Aaron

What baseball player was left off the Mitchell Report because he cooperated with the investigation?

Against the players union's wishes, Frank Thomas cooperated with the investigation. Jason Giambi also cooperated, but he had admitted to using steroids years ago in a controversial book in which he accused other players of using them, too.

What kind of steroid does rugby players use?

Steroids are BANNED in both rugby codes. Players for using such drugs can and do receive lifetime bans from the game at all levels

Do all baseball players in the world use steroids?

Hello I am Doctor from Harvard. I am the top doctor here I just wanted all people to know that every person in the world who plays the dumb game BASEBALL are using steroids and will be even if they don't want to since the other players will make them or trick them and put it in their food so they will be using a very dangerous drug. So no one should be playing this dangerous devilous game. Please listen to me all people.

What are the financial consequences of steroids?

what are finacial consequnces of using steroids

Why are the baseball players still using?

because the want to have an advantage

What happens when you get caught using steroids?

u go to jail for using steroids because it's illegal

How many football plyers have been caught using steriods?

i believe that around 6.99 billion football players have used the steroids mechanics

Was the Ultimate Warrior using steroids?

Answeryes, he was using steroids.AnswerPretty much every wrestler before the big steroids case in the early 1990s used steroids.

Is it possible to get Triple H's size without using steroids?

Yes it is possible. I don't Think he has been using steroids :)

Which nba player was caught for using steroids?

I know that Chris Andersen was caught for steroids.

Who is the celebrity using steroids?

Alex Rodriguez

What is Barry Bonds accused of using?


What is the death rate of using steroids?


Did ken griffey jr use steroids?

No. There has never been any alegations of him using steroids.

Can we used steroids while using herbalife?

If you use Herbalife, you definitely do not need to take steroids. Herbalife does not contain steroids, it is just cellular nutrition.

What year did baseball players start using gloves?

Baseball players begin wearing gloves in 1869. Doug Allison of the Cincinnati Red was the first player to wear gloves.

I'm pregnant and I'm using steroids Is that safe?