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Q: Paula played four games in 3 games she scored 8 points in one she scored nothing what was paulas mean score of the four games?
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What happens when you dunk on a man?

Nothing. You scored two points.

What is the league average points scored per team in NFL in 2009?

divide total points scored by games played. in sports section every day.

Is there a football team that scored zero points in a football game?

Yes, many. Every time you hear a final score like '7 to nothing' it means one of the teams scored zero points.

Most points scored in first 400 games played in NBA?


Who scored 10000 points after they played for the Boston Celtics?

Robert Parish- I was at that game!

Who scored 40 points in an NFL game?

Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals.Nevers scored 40 points against the Chicago Bears in a game played November 28, 1929. He scored 6 TDs and kicked 4 PATs.

How do you find Points per game in basketball?

First, take the points scored in the amount of games played. Take the total number of points scored and divide it by the number of games played. Ex. Joe scored 14 points in 3 games. 14 divided by 3 equals 4 and 2/3.

John scored 23 more points than the rest of his team his team scored 99 points how many points did john score?

John scored 61 points.

What is the difference between the total number of points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls and the total number of points scored by their opponents?

The Steelers have a +29 point differential throughout the 8 Superbowls they played in.

What is the most points in a NFL video game scored?

The most points scored in a NFL video game is 105 points.

Who scored the 2nd most career NBA points?

Karl Malone. He scored 36,928 points.

The total number of points scored in a basketball game was 120 the winning team scored 78 of those points what percent of the points were scored by the winning team?

65 percent