Patrick roy goalie glove nickname

Updated: 12/21/2022
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IT was Charlotte

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Q: Patrick roy goalie glove nickname
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Is goalie Olivier Roy related to Patrick Roy?


Who has the Most playoff wins by goalie?

patrick roy

What is Patrick Roy's interest?

His intrest is pllaying goalie.

Who inspired martin broduer?

Patrick Roy inspired Martin Broduer because he was a great goalie and he thought that it whould be fun to be a goalie and Patrick Roy made it look so easy so he wanted to be just like him.

Ice hockey winningest goalie?

Marrtin Brodeur (who just passed Patrick Roy)

Who is the second best goalie in the NHL?

In history- Patrick roy...currently- Carey price

Who was a better goalie Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy?

Probably Brodeur because he has more wins and shutouts than Roy.

Most recent NHL goalie to score?

Patrick Roy scored in 2003 which is the most recent nhl goalie to score in a game and playoff game.

Where did the tradition of tapping a hockey goalie's head after a win originate?

First time I saw it was with Patrick Roy

Which goalie backed up Patrick Roy during the 1993 Stanley Cup finals?

#37 Andre Racicot.

Is Patrick roy the best goalie still alive?

YES! Patrick Roy is still alive. He currently is the coach, GM, and co owner of the Quebec Jr. team! In my world, hes the best goalie! Brodeur has better numbers and will have more record wins by the end of the season, so I will say no

What NHL goalie is the alltime best?

The best nhl goalie of all time would be between: Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, and,The one that i think is the best but is arguable is Ken Dryden