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the ACC

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Q: Pac-10 vs ACC all time record football?
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What is South Carolina football record against the acc?

USC is 56-234 all time vs acc

What conference has won the most NCAA championships?

PAC10 with 15. UCLA (which is in the PAC10 ) has more title then all the conferences expect the ACC. UCLA has 11 titles.

What is an AQ school?

Schools from the 6 BCS leagues (ACC, BIG10, BIG12, BIG EAST, PAC10, & SEC) are considered automatic qualifier if they win their conference.

Did Tyler Hansbrough break the all-time ACC scoring record?

yes in the ACC semifinals in a loss to Florida state

What is the ACC vs SEC record in football for the last ten years?

you need to lok it up you need to lok it up

Has the Big Ten or the ACC won more national college football championships?

The Big Ten(11) has more NC's than the ACC * It depends on who you ask, but a rough idea would be this: counting the AP from 1936 to present, the UPI from 1950 to 1995, and CNN/USA TODAY/ESPN from 1996 to present: Big8/12 - 14, SEC - 14, Big10 - 13, Pac10 - 9, and ACC - 5. This answer is close, but not guaranteed.....just a quick count for a rough idea of conference strengths.

What are the odds for the Clemson Tigers to win the ACC title in football in 2008?

at this point and time, 0%. go tigers in 2009.

When was the last time an ACC team played for a national title?

It depends what sport you are referring to. Basketball-2010 Football-1999

What is the south Carolina gamecocks football teams all-time record in football?

At the end of the 2009 season, the Gamecocks stood at 535-535-44.

Most football national championships acc or sec?


What conferance is florida state in for football?

They are the in ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference).

In college football what is the difference between an overall record and a division record?

a division record is the win-loss total within a teams conference/division (sec, acc, big ten, etc.) overall record is the win-loss total for all games a team plays, including those not in their conference/division