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Q: Out of 329 middle school students 3-7 of the students play sports about how many students play sports?
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How many students are in dover middle school new jersey?

There are over 3500 students in Dover Middle school New Jersey.

How many students go to parrish middle school?

The average number of students enrolled in Parrish Middle School is 690.

How many students are at lowndes middle school?


How many students in vicenza middle school?

About 300

How many students play sports to stay in school?

about as many of them are still virgins?

How many databases does the Clarky Country School District provide for middle school students?

The Clark County School District provides 100 databases for middle school students.

How many middle school students are there in America?

15,576,982 americans

How many students are in a average US middle school classroom?

The average number of students for a middle school classroom is anywhere from 25-30 students depending on the class and the size of the school district.

How many students go to Langston hughes middle school?


How many database does the clark county school district provide for middle school students?


There werew 546 students at a school assembly this was 65 percent of all stucents who attend content middle school how many students attend content middle school?

There are 840 students. 65 over 100 = 546 over n (proportion)

How many sports does a typical middle school student play in?