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The San Diego Chargers store sells more than apparel with the football team's colors and logo. Accessories such as coffee mugs, automotive decals and license plate frames, blankets and throws, and jewelry are all offered at the shop.

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Q: Other than Chargers Apparel what else does the San Diego store sell?
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Where can one find Chargers Apparel online?

Fans Edge, NFL Shop, Charger's Team Store, ESPN Shop, and Football Fanatics all over their consumers the chance to purchase Chargers apparel and other sports memorabilia online.

Where can one purchase a throwback San Diego Chargers jersey?

A throwback San Diego Chargers jersey can be purchased at any local store in San Diego featuring clothes and wearings in general. It can also be purchased online at known stores such as eBay and Amazon, and in some other retail stores worldwide.

Where can one buy San Diego Chargers merchandise?

San Diego Charges merchandise is always available in the store that is attached to the San Diego Charges Stadium. It is also available from their store online.

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Is there a good store in San Diego for running appeal?

There is a RoadRunner Sports in San Diego and they have a great selection of quality running apparel. They are located at 5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA 92111. There phone number is (858) 974-4455.

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A-B sporting goods is located at 3027 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104. This store has running apparel that should suit your needs. There are also Foot Locker shoe stores located at 1640 CAMINO DEL RIO N SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 and 283 HORTON PLZ SAN DIEGO, CA 92101.

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