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Frankie Frisch.

Frisch played in 8 World Series and 50 WS games total, 4 WS and 26 games for the New York Giants and 4 WS and 24 games for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Q: Only player to play in 50 world series games not a Yankee?
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Where was the 2009 World Series held at?

At Yankee Stadium for games 1 and 2, and then they went to Philadelphia for games 3-5. Game 6 was back at Yankee Stadium.

How much will the Yankee players earn for the World Series?

Each player of the New York Yankees received $365,052.73 for winning the World Series.

What baseball legend hit Yankee Stadiums first two World Series home runs?

It was Casey Stengel of the New York Giants, who hit homers at Yankee Stadium in Games 1 and 3 of the 1923 World Series. The New York Yankees won the series four games to two.

Which New York Yankee has won the most World Series rings?

Yogi Berra with 10 rings as a player and 3 as a coach ...

How many World Series games did Frank Crosetti appear in for the New York Yankees as a player and as a coach?

Frank Crosetti appeared in 29 World Series games as a player and another 86 World Series games as a coach.

Which player has appeared in the most World Series games?

Yogi Berra played in the most World Series games with 75.

How many time have the cardinal and yankee's played in the World Series?

The cardinals and yankess have played each other in nine world series games with the cardinals beating them 5 of 9 times.

In the 2009 World Series where are the games being played?

Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and Yankee Stadium in New York City.

What New York Yankee had 2221 hits in his career counting regular season games and World Series play?

Yogi Berra

Which New York Yankee has won the most championships?

Yogi Berra won the most World Series championships as a player with 10.

What was New York Yankee Yogi Berra's share of the 1947 World Series prize money?

Yogi Berra's share of the prize money for the Yankee victory in the 1947 World Series was $5,830. I provide this information, and earlier his salary of $5,000 to illustrate how a baseball player's total earnings for a year can be drastically improved by winning a World Series back in that era of baseball.

When was the first World Series played in Yankee Stadium?