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mulupad ang eagle ug one year and six months

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Q: Only player to play for sixers flyers Phillies and eagles in 1 year?
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What are the 4 major sports teams in philadelphia?

Phillies Flyers Eagles Sixers

What four professional sports teams did pennsylvainia call home?

Pittsburgh Pirates - MLB Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL Pittsburgh Penguins - NHL Philadelphia Phillies - MLB Philadelphia Eagles - NFL Philadelphia Flyers - NHL Philadelphia Sixers - NBA Philadelphia Union - MLS

How many championships did Philadelphia sports win?

Sixers 2 Flyers 2

What are 10 reasons why Philadelphia sucks?

1.) It has the highest crime rate in Pennsylvania2.) Phillies suck3.) Flyers suck4.) Sixers suck5.) Eagles suck6.) They're blood thirsty bastards that enjoy hardcore wrestling, which also sucks7.) Their biggest sports icon is imaginary8.) Screwed up parking, streets, etc.9.) The people are sociopathic and ignorant10.) It's Philadelphia. Nuff said

Who is the tallest sixers player ever?

matimba matomebo

Who is Kwame Brown?

He is a center who used to play for the sixers. Not the best player

Who is the tallest sixers player currently?

Jason Smith at 7 feet even.

When was Sydney Sixers created?

Sydney Sixers was created in 2011.

Did Philadelphia sports teams have a curse?

It is thought that they did. Known as the curse of Billy Penn, it started when a building was built in Philadelphia taller than the statue of William Penn on City Hall. This supposedly led to a sports drought where the four major Philadelphia sports teams (Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers) failed to win a championship. This, of course, ended when the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. Some say that this is because the builders of the Comcast Center, the new tallest building in Philly, put a tiny statue of William Penn on top, to break the curse. This may or may not have happened, but any curse is over for now.

Who will win game 5 in 2011 playoffs sixers or heat?

Heat is going to dominate the sixers

Why did they name the sixers that name?

The sixers full name is the 76'ers which and sixers is just short for that. The name is 76'ers because in Philadelphia (where they play) the deceleration of independence was signed in 1776.

Where does the 'sixers' in Philadelphia sixers name come from?

It is the Philadelphia 76ers (Sixers for short) in reference to the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Independence Hall in order to obtain independence for the colonies from Great Britain.

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