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There are many games that coach soccer online,
There is a website called MatchAttax in the "Related Links" section
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Q: Online game that has to do with coaching soccer?
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How do you play soccer game online?

you can play soccer game online on Mini Clip

What is the most realistic game online?

The most realistic game online is power soccer

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What are some key things when considering coaching soccer?

Some key aspects when considering coaching soccer would be to ensure the individual has a complete understanding of the game, is able to be a positive voice and coach, knowledge of drills and practice activities, and to follow the 'Golden Rule of Coaching' which is to avoid the three Ls, Lectures, Lines, and Laps.

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yes u can

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A soccer clinic is a group gathering where participants develop playing, coaching and or refereeing skills related to the sport of soccer.

How do you get soccer coaching license in Spain?

Go to the local sports grounds the football/soccer coach in there will instruct you as to what he/she done.

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