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Q: On which longitude is the Indian Standard Time based?
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Indian Standard Time is based on the longitude of 82.5 degrees passing through what places?


What are the degrees of the longitude of the Indian standard time?

82.5 E

What is the meridian for Indian Standard Time?

5.5 * 15 = 82.5 82.5° east longitude

What is the longitude of world standard time?

ZERO 0 Longitude

How is Indian Standard Time calculated?

Indian Standard Time is calculated with a time offset of UTC + 5:30. If it is midnight UTC, then it will be 5:30am IST (Indian Standard Time). Indian Standard Time also covers Sri Lanka and the islands of Lakshadweep.

What time is 9 am eastern time in Indian standard time?

IT DEPENDS WERE U LIVE......i am based in Delhi i.e northern part of India

What time is 6.30am est in Indian time?

It will be 6.00 PM in Indian standard time

What is the standard time of the world?

ZERO 0 Longitude

What is Indian standard time at 3.45cst?

indian standard time for 3.45 pm CST will be 4.15 am IST

Which longitude is selected for calculating Indian Standard Time in India?

82.5 E longitude, which is just west of the town of Mirzapur, near Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh.IST is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT which is calculated at 4 minutes per longitude as difference from Greenwich which is 0 degress longitude..

How many degrees are in each standard time zone?

There are 15 degrees of longitude in each standard time zone

Is there a relationship between sundial time local time and standard time?

Yes. Standard time is that defined along a particular longitude. Local time is related to the longitude of the place concerned. 24 hours = 360 degree. Therefore 1 degree = 4 minutes. Cities to the east of the Standard time longitude are ahead and vice versa for Cities to the west.