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A down hill smooth surface is the best surface to roll a ball on.

no honey u wrong who Eva this is it roll better on the ground im smart right i no

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Q: On what surface will a ball roll best?
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Related questions

Which surface lets a ball roll farthest?

A ball rolling along any surface will be slowed by friction. Different materials used for the ball and the rolling surface will affect the distance a ball will roll but in general, the smoother and more polished the surface is, the further a ball will roll.

What surface will ball roll fastest on?

A ball will roll the fastest on the smoother surface and the steeper surface because of the gravity.

On what kind of surface will a ball roll the fastest?

A ball will roll the fastest on the smoother surface and the steeper surface because of the gravity.

On what kind of surface will a ball roll fastest?

I think that a ball will roll the fastest on a hard surface =I

Why would a ball roll better on one surface vs the other?

a ball would roll better on one surface vs the other because one surface may have more friction the the other surface. For example a smooth surface like a polished wooden floor would have a ball roll better than a carpet where the hairs are stopping the progression of the ball.

Does the surface of the ground affect how far a ball will roll?

yes because if you roll a ball on flat concrete it will roll a good distance, but if you roll a ball on gravel it won't roll very far.

On what kind of surface will a ball roll fastest on smooth or rough?

it would roll better on a slanted surface

Why can't you roll a ball forever on a level surface?

because friction acts on the ball.

Why does a ball roll faster on the sidewalk than grass?

Because the surface of the sidewalk is smoother than the surface of the grass and therefore there is less friction on the sidewalk which makes it easier for the ball to roll, and because its easier to roll a ball on the sidewalk it will get faster. The grass also has GRASS on it and that slows down the movement of the ball.

Is the effect of grass or dirt surface on the distance a ball can roll?

Grass makes a ball roll slower then it would on a dirt surface. This is because the long grass blades cause more friction on the ball slowing it down.

What happen when you roll a ball on a rough surface?

It wavers

Does a ball need to be on a flat surface to roll?


It is possible to make a frictional less surface on which a ball will roll without end?

It is impossible to create a frictionless surface upon which a ball will roll without stopping. This is firstly because no two surfaces have a fritional constant of zero in that there is no surface which is perfectly smooth. Also, even if there were a true frictionless surface, a ball would not be able to roll along it forever due to air resistance.

A small ball is is put on top of a bigger ball and left to roll down the surface of the bigger ball. Where would the small ball leave the surface of the bigger ball?

it will leave the surface of the other ball roughly 1/4 of the way down to the other end.

How do you make a ball roll slowly down a ramp?

apply friction a rough surface cardboard for example, the rougher it is the slower the ball will roll but to much friction and it will stop altogether.

On what surface will a ball role faster?

a ball will roll faster on a smoth sement floor. this is because it is easier for the ball to move

Does the surface affect the speed of a rolling object?

Obviously it does but it depends, the more friction the surface produces the slower the ball will go. Also it depends on how you are going to roll the ball, using a ramp or by hands. But using a ramp would be better because when you use your hands to roll the ball, each time you roll it will slightly be different like the pressure. (;

How does finction cause a ball to slow down?

It does because when the ball hits the surface and the surface magnified would look rugged anyways when the ball hits the surface the friction pulls on the ball causind it to slow down and if you roll a brick down a hill you will find it will stop easier than a ball smooth surface

Why does a ball roll faster on a smooth surface than on artificial turf?

Less friction

Fun 6th grade science fair projects?

on what surface does the ball roll fastest

What surface does a ball bounce best on?

the ball bounces best on a smooth,flat and hard surface

What is the best plastic bowling ball?

There is no best plastic ball. They will all do the same thing. Roll straight down the lane.

Why doesn't gravity play role on a ball when it rolls on a horizontal surface?

It does, actually. If gravity did not affect the ball, the ball would float off to space. Gravity keeps the ball attached to the horizontal surface while it rolls. But in that case there is no force which would cause it to leave the surface. It might not roll , but rather skim, because there would be no grip between ball and surface

Does the surface of a hill effect how fast a ball will roll down it?

Yes, among other variables.

What will make a bowling ball roll faster?

The speed of the delivery, the amount of lane oil on the lane that is in the path of the ball, the surface material and level of sanding or polish on the ball.