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Google mongoose rebel and go to the 2nd option under the shopping thing. it should be they have pics that you can look at so that might answer ur question

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Q: On the mongoose rebel bmx bicycle the front brake cable is anchored where on the front brake lever?
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On the mongoose rebel bmx bicycle the sleeve that goes in the frame and into the handle bars is broken is there a schematic to tell me how to replace it The front brake cable goes through it?

Unfortunately, your question is very unclear. "Sleeve"? Your front brake cable goes through a bolt that goes through the handlebar stem. Are these the parts we are talking about? What part of this assembly is actually broken?

Why does your parking brake stick on a 1996 Dodge Dakota?

It's probably the cable that goes from the pedal to the parking brake in the back. It's like the brake on a bicycle, it's a metal wire inside of a plastic and metal tube. Sometimes that cable gets split, either from cracking due to age, or getting otherwise damaged. Water and dirt get inside the cable and eventually work through the entire cable.

How do you get more cable for your bmx brakes?

You buy bicycle brake cables, either from a bicycle store, or from an internet source. If you need to be told this you probably need to be told how to install them as well, so go look at, or

Where can you buy cable locks?

Cable locks are used for bicycles. They are the proper and the most effective way to keep your bicycle safe. Cable locks can be bought at your local bicycle store.

How do you adjust the front brake cable on a 2000 road king?

There is no brake cable on your bike

How do you fix 1988 S10 emergency brake cable?

Really ain't no fixing a brake cable. Replace it with a new cable.

Disconnecting emergency brake cable?

The emergency brake cable is held in place with swivel nuts on each end of the cable. Turn the swivel nuts to the left. The emergency brake cable will come off.

What is the difference between a throttle cable and a brake cable?

The throttle cable goes from the 'gas' pedal to the carburetor or throttle body to control the speed of the engine. On cars the brake cable goes to the emergency brake, on some motorcycles the brake cable goes to the brakes. (The main brakes for cars and some motorcycles are hydraulically operated, not by a cable.)

How do you replace the emergency brake cable in an expedition?

The Ford expedition emergency brake cable is held in place with swivel nuts on each end of the cable. Turn the swivel nuts to the left, to remove the cable. Reverse the process to install your new emergency brake cable.

How does one adjust parking brake on a 2001 GMC SIERRA?

The parking brake has an adjustment bolt on the brake shoe. The parking brake cable has adjustments on each end of the cable.

Where does the cable in a 1991 3 quarter ton pick up rear brake assembly connect to and what is its name?

Parking brake cable? Connect to the cable from the opposite side and the emergency brake cable from the control inside the cab. Self-adjusting cable? Connects to the "star wheel" and the brake shoe return spring inside the drum

Emergency brake cable and 1987 Dodge Ram?

Yes a 1987 dodge ram has an e-brake cable