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Q: On the game scratch how do you make a star?
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How do you make a game using mesh in Scratch or BYOB?


How do you make a Pokemon game for the ds from scratch?

easy all you have to do is go to a new game

How do you make a scratched game work?

Go over the scratch with a rubber, it really works

Will Nomar Garciaparra make the all-star game?

Nomar is a shell of his former self and will probably never make an All Star Game again.

Who was the last braves left fielder to make the all star game?

J. Upton was the last braves left fielder to make the all star game.

How is a scratch game scored?

The same as you score any game of bowling. A scratch game means no handicap is involved. Your total for a scratch game is the same as your score for the actual game you bowled. Your total for a handicap game is the actual score you bowled plus your handicap.

Does scratch break your computer?

the game maker scratch doesn't no it doesn't

How do you make a scratches on a ps2 game disc come off?

Buy a new one then don't scratch it

Will there be a new star fox game but not the layat wars 3d?

No there aren't any plans for a "Star Fox Adventures 2" game or any plans to make a new star fox game.

What is the best scratch project?

there are many scratch project figure out your self check out mine it is a fun game it is in the link below that says here is my fun scratch game

How do you make starfish on alchemy game?

Star+Fish=Starfish =)

How can you get a broken video game to work again?

if it is a scratch, then you can take it to a game shop who will remove the scratches for you. if it is more than a scratch, then you may need a new game.