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Q: On average how many pro football players are drafted and then not go on to play for the team that drafted them?
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How many college football players get drafted by THE NFL?


How many division 2 football players were drafted in 2010?


How many Florida Gator football players have been drafted to the NFL?


How many University of Tennessee football players have been drafted by the NFL all time?


How many Iowa hawkeyes have become NFL players?

219 Iowa hawkeye football players have been drafted to the NFL in the schools history

How many UK football players were drafted in 2008?

2- Andre Woodson (QB) and Jacob Tamme (TE)

How many University of Texas college football players have gone on to play in the NFL?

Since the Draft was instituted in 1936 311 Texas players have been drafted.

Can players get drafted from the AFL to the NFL?

Yes, Arena Football LeagueÊ players can be drafted to the NFL. Many NFL players had used the Arena Football League as a platform to improve their game before being drafted to the NFL. One perfect example is Kurt Warner who played for the Iowa Barnstormer before beingÊdrafted by the St. Louis Rams, which he led to a Super Bowl Championship, on the path to be a future Hall of Fame member.

How many football players are in the NFL?

There are 1,696 players with a average salary of 1.9 million a year

How many players were drafted into NBA in 2008?

60 players were drafted into the NBA in the 2008 draft

How many players allowed on an NCAA football team?

the average is 109

Who in the NFL did not get drafted?

Many players have never been drafted.

How many players are drafted nba?

60 players

How many college football players go to th NFL?

It varies from year to year. Not all drafted players make the team, and not all free agents stick. There is also a practice squad.

Do all college football players declaring for draft get drafted?

No. Many of them wind up signing as free agents with National Football League teams. Some of them eventually made it big in the pro game (example: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who was not drafted in 2003).

How many players enter the nfl draft?

Each year between the months of February to April about 300 nfl draft eligible collegiate football players declare to enter that years draft class....But only about 200 of these 300 college players are going to get drafted/picked by an NFL team. Then out of these 200 college players that were drafted only less than 75 % get offered a professional contract by the team that drafted them.

How many Ohio state football players have been drafted in the first round of the nfl draft?

Seventy. This is the second most, USC with the most with seventy two.

How many players got drafted in the nba on the first round?

There are 30 teams in the NBA, therefore, 30 players were drafted in the first round.

How many university of Michigan players have been drafted into the NFL?

10 players

How many players are on a game in English football?

how many players are on a game in English football

How many players are on an NCAA Division 1 football team?

I think the average would be around 125.

How many players are drafted into the NBA each year?

57-60 players a year

How many players are in football?

In American football games, there are 11 players on each team on the field. There are always many players that are on the sidelines.

On average how many times do football players run up and down the field during a game?

114.4 times in one game on average

How many years do ncaa football player's have to play before they go pro?

The National Football League does not consider a player eligible to be drafted until they are three years removed from high school. However, many players will stay in school four or five years (if they do not play freshman year, they are allowed to play for the next four years-this is called redshirting) before coming out to be drafted.