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about 6 laps from what Ive heard.

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Q: On a regulation track how many laps equal a mile and one half?
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How may laps around a track equal three kilometers?

Seven and a half laps

If four laps on a track equal one mile how far on a track would a 100 meters be?

Two and a half laps is 1km, thus .25 of the track is 100m.

How man laps around a regulation running track is equal to 5 k?

If you are in lane 1, then you must run 12 1/2 laps to equal 5k. The explanation for this is that a normal running track is 400 meters, therefore 12 1/2 laps would equal 5000 meters; i.e. 5K meters.

How many laps equal one mile on a field?

If its a track oval, its four laps for a mile. 2 laps for half a mile. if around a football feild, itd be about 4.5 laps

How many times around the track will equal a mile an a half?

A standard running track is 400 meters, so 2 laps is practically half a mile, and 4 laps is 9 meters shy of one mile. (1 mile = 1,609.344 meters)

How many laps around the USC track is a mile?

"USC has a regulation sized track. I.E. the track is 400m long. a mile is 1500m therefore it would be 3.8/3.9 laps to equal 1 mile." A mile is 1609.344 meters, thus requiring you to run/walk 9.344 meters more than 4 laps

How many laps around a track equal five kilometers?

5 laps exactly.

How many laps equal 2 miles?

2 miles is 8 laps of a standard 400 meter track.

How many laps for 0.75 mile?

The length of the track determines this. A quarter mile track would be 3 laps to equal .75 mile.

How many laps around a high school track equals 1.5 miles?

It depends on how big the track is, Well technically that's right but in places in the west,east,and south the limit for high school and middle school tracks should be the same. so for that it should be about for laps plus one half of one then a walk.

How many laps around a track is 800 meters?

A standard running track has 400 m in one lap. The 800 m race is therefore 2 laps of the track.

How long is a 1k race?

A 1k race is 1000 meters long. This is equal to two and a half laps on a regular running track.