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Although the player is in an offside position at the moment of the kick, they are not guilty of an offside infraction because the ball was not passed to them by a team-mate.

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Q: On a goal kick with the red teams goalie kicking the ball can a player on the blue team receive the ball in an offside position and not be penalized?
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Was there ever a time when you could not be ruled offside from a free kick?

During a free kick , offside rule is valid .So if the attacker is in an offside position , the offside will be called .But if there is a throw I'm , then the offside rule is not valid which means one can receive the ball in an offside position in case of a throw in.

What are the four offside rule in soccer?

There is one offside rule in soccer, and it is that a player cannot be involved in a play without at least two defenders (including the goalkeeper) between himself and the opposing goal. This not only means he can't receive a pass while in this position, it also means that he can't impede the goalkeeper while another player takes a shot on goal.A common misconception is that it is illegal to dribble the ball from an onside position to an offside position. Also, it is legal to run to a ball that is kicked into an offside position, as long as the player receiving the ball was in an onside position before the ball was kicked.

How has the offside rule changed?

The original offside rule was that if any attacking player is ahead of the last defender when the ball is played then the attacking player must be given offside. The player must be given offside even if he doesn't receive the pass. The new rule is that the player can only be given offside if he is interfering with play i.e. he receives the ball, he obstructs defending players, blcoks the goalkeepers view, etc.

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During a throw in in a football game an attacking player who was past to a defender gets the ball after the ball has been thrown and touched by the defender's head Is this offside?

You are not guilty of an offside infraction if you receive the ball directly from a throw-in by a team-mate, the defender deflection would still count as "the throw-in" unless they controlled the ball first. Even if they did control the ball, you are not guilty of an offside infraction if an opposing player passed it.

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