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Q: On a certain math test jerry gets both the tenth highest score in his class and the tenth lowest score if every student has a different score how many students are there in the class?
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What are Student IDS used for?

A ten-digit number that is used to retrieve student records and provide various university services to students.

Student with books are different in student without books?

student with books are more knowledge than students without books because students without books is less knowledge.

Is it students work or student's work?

students work = The students work hard. (multiple students) student's work = The student's work deserved an A. (one student) students' work = The students' work was the highlight of the presentation. (belonging to multiple students)

What is the meaning of supreme student government?

ItÃ?s a governing body of students which holds the highest power and legitimacy over any student government at a school or college.

How much is the good student discount on auto insurance?

yes,there are certain types discounts on student car insurance1.Students who works hard in college to get good grade earn a good discount on car insurance ,because insurance company determined that good students are good drivers,2.Students can save lot of money if he or she is good students in college ,and the percentage of savings is different,it depend on insurance company3.Resident Student Discount-there are many students who are living away from school or colleges,they may use car certain types,so they may be listed in thier parents's policy, Resident Student Discount, student can save money,because he or she is not considered the main driver ,he or she is secondary operator,so interst rate will not be high as young driver

How do you spell students as in one students mother would it be student's or students?

it would be student's because students implies more than one student and if you are talking about more than one student's mother it would be the students' mothers

What is the subjective test?

the test given to the student may in essay form, so the answer may different from the students. Its based on the students understanding.

What is the difference between good student and bad student with studies?

The main different between good and bad students with studies is that the good students often dedicate more time to their education. Good students also typically get better grades.

How are Student Advisors assigned to students?

Student Advisors are assigned to students based on the students field of study?

How do you spell students as in a bunch of students is it student's or students?

The plural is students. Apostrophes are almost never used to form plurals.The possessive for one student is student's and the possessive for a bunch of students would be students' (only the apostrophe).Examples:There are several students.One student's bike is missing.All of the students' bikes are parked in the same place.

For student or for students?

The noun 'student' is the singular form (one student).The noun 'students' is the plural form (two or more students).Examples:I've reserved this book for a student.These seats are reserved for students.

What is the student enrollment (in the total number of students)?

“What is the student enrollment (in the total number of students)?”