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It has a radius of 13 metres.

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2009-07-13 15:18:14
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Q: On a Gaelic football pitch what is the size of the semi circle?
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How big is the semi circle on a football pitch?

The center circle is 10 yards in radius. The penalty arc is 10 yards from the penalty mark. The corner arcs are all 1 yard from their corresponding corner. A semi-circle is exactly one half of a circle and there aren't any on the a football pitch.

What is the semi circle in a football pitch used for?

The semi circle at the edge of the 18yrd box is there to keep the players 10yrds away from the ball during a penalty kick. No players are allowed in the semi circle until the ball is kicked during the penalty. During normal play the semi circle offers no use. It is not part of the box so the goal keeper will commit a foul if handeling the ball in the semi circle.

Why is the semi circle at the top of the 18 yard box on a soccer or football pitch?

The semi circle purely serves one purpose. It marks the distance away from the ball the players must stand when a penalty kick is being taken. Close observation will reveal the center of the circle to be the penalty spot.

What are the antonyms for semi circle?

Circle. That is the opposite of semi circle.

What do you call half of a circle?

A semi-circle

What name is given to half a circle?

semi circle

What is the base shape of a semi - circle have?


What is the half of a circle called?

A semi-circle the answere is semi-circle or a breve

Is meridian a semi circle?

yes,meridian is a semi circle

Why is half a circle called semi-circle?

Semi = half

How many corners in a semi-circle?

A semi-circle is a 180 degree half circle. A semi-circle does not have any corners. A circle does not have corners either. There are points of beginning and end in a semi-circle. In a circle the point of beginning is the same as the ending point.

What size is the semi circle on a pool table?

A pool table does not have a semi-circle. Only the snooker table has a semi-circle.

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