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If you would like to find out, become a member of the alpha kappa alpha sorority..Otherwise this information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL..

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Q: Omega and upsilon that is located on the ivy leaf which is the sorority pin not a chapter means what in alpha kappa alpha sorority?
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What is Omega Upsilon's motto?

Omega Upsilon's motto is 'Sisters United for Eternity'.

When was Omega Upsilon created?

Omega Upsilon was created on 1958-11-18.

When was Theta Upsilon Omega created?

Theta Upsilon Omega was created in 1924.

When did Theta Upsilon Omega end?

Theta Upsilon Omega ended in 1938.

When was Omega Upsilon Phi created?

Omega Upsilon Phi was created on 1894-11-15.

Are there Jewish girls in chi omega sorority?

I'm Jewish and In Chi Omega! There are actually a lot of Jewish girls in my chapter!

What does GH stand for in the sorority Chi Omega?

G.H. is the Chi Omega Fraternity's Chapter President. The S.H. is our National President

What is zeta phi omega?

Zeta phi omega is fraternity and sorority

What is the most popular sorority?

Chi Omega is the largest NPC member sorority.

What is the largest sorority in the Philippines?

The largest sorority in the philippines is sigma alpha omega 1966

What sorority is Brittany favre in?

Chi Omega

What is the current name of the Baylor sorority that was called Alpha Omega in the 50's?

Pi Beta Phi Texas Zeta chapter

What does Alpha kappa alpha omega upsilon mean?

The answer to this question is only useful for members of the organization itself and thus can be answered only to them. If you are worthy I wish you luck in membership. ANSWER: The words; Alpha, kappa, alpha, omega, upsilon are not words in a singular usage but in that they are leters in the Greek alphabet. Αα Alpha Κκ Kappa Αα Alpha Ωω Omega Υυ Upsilon

What sorority colors are red and yellow?

It's Chi Omega.

What sorority did Melissa d'Arabian belong to?

Alpha Chi Omega.

When was Chi Omega Chapter House created?

Chi Omega Chapter House was created in 1927.

Is Condoleezza Rice a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority?

No, Condoleezza Rice is not a member of the historically black sorority AKA, but rather a member of the traditionally white sorority Alpha Chi Omega. Rice joined the Delta Gamma chapter at The University of Denver.Check the related link below

What does the signs omega and upsilon mean in Alpha Kappa Alpha?

Only members of Alpha Kappa Alpha are aware of their meaning.

Is Condoleezza Rice a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority?

no she is alpha Chi Omega

What is the largest sorority?

Chi Omega, in termsof membership. Delta Zeta, in terms of chapters.

What sorority is Condoleezza Rice in?

Alpha Chi Omega

What are the colors for Gamma Kappa Omega local sorority at SFA?

electric blue and neon green

How do you do chi omega handshake?

This is passed down throughout the sorority and is only known by initiated Chi Omegas.

Is alpha phi omega affiliated in freemason?

Nope. Our fraternity was founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. We are affiliated with the Boy Scouts and the Scouting movement. Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Upsilon, Spring '08

Where did Michael Jordan pledge omega?

Psi Delta Chapter (UNC)

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