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ping pong

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Q: Oldest sport in college
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What is worlds oldest college sport?


What is the world's oldest organized college sport?

The Mesoamerican Ballgame.

What is the oldest major sport in US history?

The oldest major sport in USA history would be baseball. born in the middle of the 19th century. Added to that could be college football, which had its first college vs college in 1868 when Rutgers beat the visiting team from Princeton.

Americas oldest sport?

The oldest sport is baseball in America

What is the oldest animal sport?

I think polo is an oldest animal sport

What is the oldest team sport?

The oldest team sport is Horse Polo, dating back to 600BC

What is the second oldest sport?

basketball is the 2nd oldest.

What is the oldest women's college in the US?

Salem College is the oldest women's college in America that is still a women's college.

What its the oldest olympic sport?

The oldest known olympic sport is bull jumping. Source:

What sport is thought to be the oldest sport in olympic history?


What sport was the oldest human skills?


What is the oldest sport in the world?

Depends on the definition of sport. Wrestling is the oldest form of competition, dating back thousands of years.

What is the oldest college in Illinois?

McKendree University (College) was founded in 1828 and is the oldest in Illinois.

What is the oldest sport basketball baseball or football?

Basketball best and oldest

What sport is the oldest and still existing?

Sex. Oldest Position? Missionary.

What is the oldest American college sport still in existence?

Rowing (Crew). The First Collegiate team in America was the Yale University Men's Crew

Is wrestling the oldest sport?

yes and no.... it was in the first olympic games... but people ran first. But Wrestling is widely considered to be the oldest sport.

What was the oldest sport rugby rowing football wrestling?

Wrestling is the oldest sport as it was played by Greeks and Romans before the birth of Christ

What is the oldest true American sport not derived from another sport?


When was Sport Science College of Beijing Sport University created?

Sport Science College of Beijing Sport University was created in 1958.

What is the oldest sport in this day?


What's the oldest sport?

Wackin it

Oldest team sport?


What is the oldest sport in the Olympics?


Oldest Sport ever?