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Three hole course

Gearhart Golf Course

Gearhart, Oregon

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Q: Oldest golf course west of the Mississippi?
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Oldest public golf course west of the Mississippi?

presidio san francisco There are many golf courses that claim to be the oldest golf course West of the Mississippi. The year the club or course would have to claim is 1893 or earlier. I don't think there is a firm answer, but I know of a couple courses who's dates fit the bill. The Victoria Golf Club in Canada stakes a valid claim, but Gearheart in Oregon and Fairfield Golf and Country Club in Fairfield, Iowa all have valid claims as well.

Is memphis east or west of the Mississippi?

east. West Memphis is, well of course west of the Mississippi.

Which is oldest high school west of Mississippi river?

The oldest high school west of the Mississippi is Lahainaluna High School located in Lahaina, Hawaii (established in 1831).

What is the oldest football rivalry west of the Mississippi?

coe college vs cornell college

What is fort leavenworth?

Fort Leavenworth is the oldest military installation west of the Mississippi River.

Which is the oldest university or college in the US west of the Mississippi River?

The oldest university west of the Mississippi River is Saint Louis University, which was founded on November 16, 1818 by Reverend Louis Guillaume Valentin Dubourg. (Originally is was called the Saint Louis Academy) The university is privately owned.Of course, Saint Louis is right next to the river, and often times is not really considered to be "West of the Mississippi River" in terms of the Western United States. Several other universities were also created soon after, but all long towns near the Mississippi River, so the oldest university west of both Saint Louis and the Mississippi River is the University of Utah, established on February 28, 1850. (Originally called the University of Deseret) It is the oldest public university west of the Mississippi river.

What is the oldest town in Kansas?

Leavenworth, Kansas, was the first Settlement in Kansas. It is also the oldest active Army post west of the Mississippi River.

Is the state of Mississippi east or west of the west of the Mississippi river?

Mississippi is to the west of the Mississippi fiver

Where is the PGA West Stadium Course located?

The PGA West Stadium Course, voted among the 100 best golf courses, is located in La Quinta, California. The address for the golf course is 55-955 PGA Blvd, La Quinta, California 92253.

Founded in 1609 what is the oldest city in America west of the Mississippi?

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest city west of the Mississippi River in what is now the United States. It was founded by the Spanish in 1608. In it also the oldest capital city still the capital. However, it is not the oldest continually inhabited city, as it was abandoned for 12 years (1680-1692) due to Native American attacks.

what is Mississippi west of?

Mississippi is west of Alabama.

Is the Mississippi east or west of the Mississippi River?

Mississippi is located WEST of the Mississippi river

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