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I believe Sheffield United are the oldest football club in the world. no they are not . sheffield Wednesday are older but the oldest football club is sheffield fc. there are many clubs older than sheff united.

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Q: Oldest football teams in England
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Oldest College Football Teams?


What is the oldest Soccer Club in England?

Sheffield F.C. is the oldest football club in England, and the oldest football club in the world. It was founded on October 24, 1857.

What is the oldest international football cup?

In England it is the F.A.cup.

American football teams in England?

As of 2013 there are no American Football teams in England. Once a year two teams from the NFL travel to England and play at Wembley stadium. There are rumors that the NFL wants to expand into Europe though.

How many football teams does England have?

AnswerThere are 92 football teams (professional clubs) in the Premier Leagueplus the Football League's 3 divisions. There are thousands of smaller clubs.Of course, a couple of the 92 are Welsh.Also there are the England National teams.

Who is the oldest member of England football team?

David James

Which brother-in-laws have captained England football teams and England cricket teams respectively?

You may want to rethink your question

Who were the First pro football teams?

new england patriots

What Football teams that start with A?

Aston Villa, Arsenal but that is in England

What are the least popular football teams in England?

Hastings united

How old is the oldest football player in England?

stanley matthews he was 42

Which is the first oldest football tournament in the world?

In England it is the F.a. cup.

Is everton fc the oldest club in England?

No Sheffield Wednesday is the oldest club playing football in the world

Top ten worst football teams fans in England?


Who is the oldest player to debut for England football team?

Jermain defoes granddad

What are the football teams in Sheffield?

Sheffield F.C. (oldest surviving football team), sheffield Wednesday F.C. and sheffield united F.C.

What are the oldest college football teams?

Rutgers and Princeton have each been playing football since 1869. Yale began in 1872.

What football teams have played in the English football league?

well none but the giants and jets have played in England

What are the top 100 football teams in the world?

1.liverpool 2.england

Is there any football teams from England who play in orange?

Blackpool plays in tangerine.

Who are the two best football teams in England?

The current 2 best English teams are Manchester United and Manchester City.

Who was the first teams that played rugby?

England and Scotland are the oldest international side with wales and Ireland behind them

Are there any football teams beginning with y?

Yeovil Town and York City in England

Pro teams named bells?


Who are the best football teams?

pistburgs steelers,new England patreits,the cincinati bangdels