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The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest NFL Franchise.

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what team has the oldest team logo?

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Q: Oldest NFL team
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What team is the oldest team in existence in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals

Second oldest NFL team?

The Chicago Bears, who were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1920. The only remaining team from the NFL's first season in 1920 are the Cardinals (the oldest team; founded in 1898)

What NFL team logo is the oldest?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which nfl team has the oldest dome?

Chicago bears

Which is oldest team in NFL?

Green Bay Packers

Who is the oldest nfl team?

The Arizona Cardinals who were founded in 1898

What is the oldest surviving NFL team with its original name?


What is the oldest nfl team ever?

the Atlanta Hawks i think

When did the cardnials become a team in the NFL?

1898 the cardinals are one of the oldest nfl teams ever

What is the oldest NFL team that is still playing?

Arizona Cardinels-1898

Who is the oldest quarter back in the NFL?

The oldest quarterback is Brett farve of the minnesota vikings and he is the starter quarterback of his team

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the oldest American football team in the US?

No, they are not. But they are the oldest franchise in the NFL's American Football Conference.

Who was the first NFL team founded?

According to, out of the 32 teams currently in the NFL, the oldest is the Chicago Bears who were founded in 1920.

Who were the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the NFL?

who are the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the nfl ?

What is the Second oldest team in the NFL?

The Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. The only team that's older is the Arizona Cardinals, which were founded in Chicago in 1898. The Chicago Bears are the third oldest, beginning in 1920.

What NFL team has the oldest average player age?

Washington Redskins average age is 31.9 .......

What team was made first in the NFL?

The title of oldest professional football club in America actually goes to the The Chicago Cardinals. The team formed in 1899, before the NFL was created.

Who is the oldest NFL team owner?

Ralph Wilson, of the Buffalo Bills. He is presently 91 years old.

Where is the oldest NFL stadium?

The oldest NFL stadium currently in use is Soldier Field in Chicago.

Who is the oldest team the Minnesota Vikings or the Green Bay Packers?

The Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. The Vikings were founded and joined the NFL in 1961.

How old are the packers?

The packers were established in 1919 making them 95 years old. They are the third oldest team in the NFL.

Oldest active NFL qb?

The oldest, active QB in NFL right now is Matt Hasselbeck(36).

Oldest nfl coach?


Who was the oldest in the NFL?

George Blanda

Does Wyoming have an NFL team?

does wyoming have a nfl team