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Brett Farve is currently the oldest active quarterback in the NFL at 40 years of age.

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Q: Oldest NFL quarterback playing now
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Who is the oldest NFL quarterback playing now?

i would say vinny testaverde actually vinny retired in 2007, the oldest qb's now are brad Johnson 40 followed by Brett favre at 39

Who was or is the oldest NFL quarterback of all time?

George Blanda was the oldest quarterback of all time. He was the oldest to start a football game as a QB at the age of 43 years old, and then he played as a placekicker until he was 48 years, 109 days old. He played 26 seasons in the NFL, although he does not hold the consecutive starts records - rather now Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre, does.

Oldest active NFL qb?

The oldest, active QB in NFL right now is Matt Hasselbeck(36).

Who is the fastest quarterback in the NFL right now?

Robert Griffen III ( RG3 )

Who is the fastest quarterback in the NFL now that Michael Vick is not playing?

josh johnson, hes not actually in the nfl yet but hes in the combine. he runs a 4.27, making him the fastest QB. he went to the U of Sandiego.

Who is now the best quarterback in the NFL?

Big Ben From the Steelersand Brett Farve of the Vikings lol

Who is currently the oldest NFL cheerleader?

Laura vikmanis is now go girl!

Active NFL players now playing in the NFL from Rutgers?

ray rice son

Who is the oldest profootball player to ever play?

At 48, George Blanda played Quarterback and Kicker. He is now in the Hall of Fame.

Where is Donovan McNabb playing?

He is now an analyst on NFL Network.

Which state is Aaron Rodgers from and what is his current occupation?

Rodgers is originally from California and he is now an NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers

How many NFL players are from nebraska?

Playing now... 33

What national television commentator was a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl quarterback?

Terry Bradshaw. Who is now an analyst on Fox NFL Sunday.

Is donovan mcnabb still playing football?

No - he is now an analyst on NFL Network.

What high school did TJ Yates go to?

TJ Yates went to Pope High School and is now an NFL Quarterback for the Houston Texans.

Is Aaron Rodgers playing right now in football?

Yes, he is the current starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers

Who is the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings?

Brett Farve is now the quarterback for the vikings. Greatest quarterback alive..

Who is the oldest premier league goalkeeper still playing today?

Its now 2010 and its David James.

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback in the NFL?

Ever or right now? I believe the best QB in football right now is Peyton Manning and the best QB ever is Joe Montana.

What is the oldest team in the National Football League?

The Decatur Staleys (now the Chicago Bears) and the Chicago Cardinals (now the Arizona Cardinals), are founding members. The Green Bay Packers, founded 1919 and who joined the NFL in 1921, is the oldest NFL franchise in continuous operation with the same name in the same location.

Where is Colt McCoy playing pro football now?

Colt McCoy is the back up quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

Who is the oldest quarter back in nfl?

well Brett farve he was like 41 to 43 or somthing but now he retired so idk

Who is the oldest professional hockey player?

AnswerThe oldest NHL player currently playing is Chris Chelios he is 45 yrs old. He started his career in Montreal in the early eighties, and is now playing in Detroit.

Who was the person from Iowa who is now on the Arizona Football NFL team?

At this point he's no longer on the team, but quarterback Kurt Warner is from Iowa and played for the Arizona Cardinals.

Who are sons of ex NFL players now playing in the NFL?

Peyton Manning and Eli Mannng are the sons of former QB Archie Manning.