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Ohio State's longest losing streak in football history was five games in both 1890-91 and 1897.

In 1890, they lost to Wooster (OH) 64-0 on November 1st, followed by losses to Denison (OH) 14-0 on November 14th, and a loss to Kenyon (OH) 18-10 on November 27th. The first game of 1891, they lost to Western Reserve (OH) 64-0 on November 1st and lost again to Kenyon (OH) 26-0 on November 14th.

In 1897, they lost to Columbus Barracks (OH) 6-0 on October 26th, lost to Oberlin (OH) 44-0 on October 30th, lost to West Virginia 28-0 on November 6, lost to Cincinnati (OH) 24-0 on November 13th, and lost to Ohio Wesleyan 6-0 on November 25th.

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Q: Ohio State Footballs longest losing streak in school history?
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