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If you are currently a high school Baseball player, the odds of making it to Major League Baseball as a player are less than 1 percent. The odds of making it to a team affiliated with a Major League team are right around 1 percent.

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Q: Odds of becoming a pro baseball player?
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What are the odds of playing pro baseball?

e odds of a high school athlete's becoming a pro football, Baseball, or Basketball player are 837 to 1.

What are the odds of becoming a pro football player?


Will you be a pro skateboarder?

i dont know its possible. the odds of someone going pro in skateboarding are greater the some one becoming a professional football and basketball player

What ar the Odds of becoming pro football player?

how much you want to become a pro footballer if you really want to be a pro then you have to show your skills for the team you play and you have to train hard that what i think

What are the odds of becoming a PGA tour pro?

300 to one

Kevin Costner considered becoming a pro baseball player Which of these baseball movies does he not star in?

Eight Men Out

What are the Chances of becoming pro athlete in baseball?

the chances of becoming a pro athlete in baseball is 1 in a million, literally! you have to be really really really really good to be a pro athlete in baseball

What are the chances of becoming a pro hockey player?

Quite frankly, the chances of anyone becoming a pro hockey player are extremely slim.

What are the odds of becoming a pro NHL goalie?

even if you are amazing, less than one in 100

How do i meet Pele'?

by becoming a pro soccer player

Who is josh M former pro baseball player baseball player?

Josh M is a 29 years old guy who is a former pro baseball player.

What are the Odds of being a pro golfer?

The odds of becoming a pro golfer are non existent, you could turn professional right now, whatever your handicap- there is no necessary qualifications. However, the odds of making it as a pro golfer are a lot smaller as there are hundreds of thousands of golfers at scratch or better worldwide, so it depends how good you are, and how good you become. You have to be real honest with yourself and decide if you have what it takes.

What does it take to be a pro baseball player?

To be a pro baseball player in takes heart, determination, skill, plenty of hard work, and perserveriance

Who is josh m former pro baseball player?

Josh M is a former pro baseball player who lives in Tampa, FL.

What is the statistic to becoming a pro tennis player?

1 out of 8,000 shot

What are the odds of becoming a pro Basketball player?

25 teams in the nba 15 players on each there are 6.5 billion people on earth which comes to about 5 in which is in the trillions

What are the odds of going pro baseball from division 3?

unless u are the best in D-3 it is very unlikely

What is the nature of work of becoming a pro basketball player?

Be lazy and your jo mama

Can high school athletes play 2 different sports in same season for their school?

Yeah. Some notables: Rickey Henderson (Baseball and Football, pro baseball player) Frank Thomas (baseball and football, pro baseball player) dieon sanders (baseball and football, pro in both) and bo jackson, the greatest of them all (baseball and football, pro in both)

How much is a pro baseball player paid?

Pro baseball players in 2007 had a minimum total salary of 2.5million dollars

How long do have to play a year to be a pro baseball player for?

Please re-phrase this question. There is no longivity requirement to be a "professional" baseball player. To be a "pro", one must only be paid a salary to play baseball.

How do you go about becoming a professional beach volleyball player?

i practice a lot and i became a pro

What is the pay for a pro baseball player?

A pro gets paid around 750,000 a game.

What did Wayne Gretzky want to be when he grew up?

he wanted to be a pro. baseball player, but instead he went off to be a pro hockey player

Life as an nbl player?

NBL stands for National Baseball League so maybe a pro baseball player.