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Q: Number of countries competing in speed skating?
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Is there a Russian speed skating team competing in the Vancouver Olympics?


What is Canada ranked in speed skating?

Canada is one of the top speed skating countries in the world. This years winter Olympics will tell us where we stand.

How many countries play short track speed skating?


Who is competing for Canada in speed skating for 2010?

Many people, the highlights being Jerrrimy Witherspoon, Cindy Klassen and Katrina Groves.

What is the number of indoor sports in the winter Olympics?

At the 2006 Games in Turin, 5. Curling, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, and Speed Skating.

Who is speed skating in the Olympics this year?

Many people from many different countries.

How do you practice for speed skating?

you attend speed skating practices.

When was Speed Skating Canada created?

Speed Skating Canada was created in 1887.

Number of gold medals won by bonnie Blair?

Five 1988 - gold in women's 500 meter speed skating. 1992 - gold in women's 500 meter and 1000 meter speed skating. 1994 - gold in women's 500 meter and 1000 meter speed skating.

Where is ice skating popular?

Mainly in Europe, especially in Holland. However speed skating is also popular in the USA, Canada, and many other countries in Europe. Especially China!!!

When did people start speed skating?

People began speed skating as a Olympic event in 1924 but only men can compete. Women can compete in 1974 for speed skating.

What other types of skating are there?

Some different types of skating are Hockey, Figure Skating, and Speed Skating.