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Q: Number of boys or girls high school basketball teams in the US?
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Number of mens high school basketball teams in the us?


How many girls basketball teams are there?

If you mean WNBA teams there are 13

Why do girls do not play basketball?

Actually girls do play basketball. They have all girls teams at most schools and some girls even choose this as a career. It's just not as well known as all male basketball teams.

When did Indiana girls high school basketball change from 6 person to 5 person teams?

never was six

What is Number of basketball teams in the WNBA?

There 14 teams in the WNBA

What is the number of basketball teams in the WMBA?


How many division III college girls basketball teams?

there are 64

What does school have to do with cheerleading?

For basketball teams, football teams, ect. at schools they have teams and they need cheerleaders. what does it have 2 do with school? nothing really but that's your answer

How many High School Basketball teams are there in the US?


What teams are in the NCAA basketball for boys and girls?

Boys Girls Duke Notre Dame USC Syracuse Kentucky Seton Hall These are the only good teams

Is it wrong to share high school basketball plays with middle school basketball teams?

since the middle school will never play the highschool that is fine

What size basketball is used by 7th grade girls teams?

standard size Middle school Basketball games are conducted under the same guidelines as high school or college. UIL university interscholastic league. which is the same as pro ball

What is Number of basketball teams in the NBA?

As of 2005 there are 30 teams in the NBA. well the number one for Florida are Miami heats

Did Selena Gomez play basketball when she was 8?

yes.but no teams just at school.

How many English Basketball teams are there?

30 basketball teams

How many high school boys basketball teams are in the USA?

36 mens and womens

What number of basketball teams played the NCAA tournament in 1939?

8 teams have played the first year of the tourny

What is the current number of college basketball teams playing in Division 1?


Which college basketball teams has been number one the most?

University of Kentucky

What college basketball teams were ranked number one for the entire season?


How many D1 basketball teams are there?

343 total Division I basketball teams.

How many girls play baseball in high school?

There are a few but not many. Some school districts ban girls from playing on the boys baseball team and some do not. The number of girls playing on high school baseball teams is very small. In my areas with around 30 schools I know of only 1 girl who has every played on any of these teams in the last 6 years.

Are girls aloud to play on Boys basketball teams?

Sure they are! When I was in middle school, one of my friends refused to play on the girls basketball team. She spoke to the coach, and proved that her skills were up the their standards! The same girl wrestles and play football for the varsity team. Certainly go for it! Just talk to the coach!

What teams has the most wins in Kentucky high school basketball?

Louisville Central Clay County

Which school in Bangkok has the best sports teams?

Bangkok Patana School has a strong seniors swim team (Patana Tigersharks) and U13, U15, JV and Varsity Teams for basketball, softball and volleyball. NIST Thailand has strong swim teams as well. And also strong Softball and Basketball teams. These are the top 2 recommended schools.