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North Carolina 1982-83 Mens Basketball Roster Jim Braddock Sr 6-2 G

Matt Doherty Jr 6-8 F

Cecil Exum Jr 6-6 F

Sam Perkins Jr 6-9 C/F

John Brownlee So 6-10 F/C

Michael Jordan So 6-6 G/F

Timo Makkonen So 6-11 C

Warren Martin So 6-11 C

Robert "Buzz" Peterson So 6-4 G

Lynwood Robinson So 6-1 G

Brad Daugherty Fr 6-11 F/C

Curtis Hunter Fr 6-5 G/F

Steve Hale Fr 6-4 G

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Sam Perkins, Brad Daughtery, James Worthy, Michael Jordan and Vinnie DelNegro

It was Matt Doherty, not Brad Daugherty and Jimmy Black played the point. Del Negro went to NC State.

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North Carolina

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Q: North Carolina tar heels basketball starting lineup in 1982?
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