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Q: No of Teams playing the FIFA Wold Cup 2010?
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Where was the FIFA 2010 Wold Cup held?

South Africa

Who won the Fifa Wold Cup in 2006?


Who won the FIFA wold cup of 2006?

Italy won the fifa world cup 2006

Who won the wold cup 2006 FIFA?

Italy won the FIFA World Cup 2006

Brazils chances of winning the fifa wold cup 2010?

they won the cup 5 times and got the most goals overall so they will win

Woh won the 1st FIFA wold cup?


How many teams play in a World cup tournament?

32 teams in the wold cup

How many times United states won the FIFA wold cup?

They never won it, but the closest they came was third place, in 1930 which was the first FIFA World Cup.

What is a good link to see the goals that were scored in the match between South Africa vs Mexico in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

on google go to videos and wold cup and u see all the matches full length...enjoy

Who disarve get golden boot in fifa wold cup?

You have not mentioned the year. if it is 2010, it was given to Tomas Muller of Germany for scoring5 goals. While Diego Forlon Wesley Sneijder also scored 5 goals they all played a game more.

Whoes going to win the world cup 2010?

off course Germany is going to win this wold cup 2010

Who is playing the wold cup on Friday?

Mexico v South Africa and France v Uruguay.