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Increase an engine's power output

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Q: Nitrous Oxide is a chemical compound used in street racing vehicles to?
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What is Nitrous racing on Facebook?

nitrous racing is a myspace and facebook app where you can race cars and level up

Is there a MySpace nitrous racing bot?


What is the vip room password in nitrous racing?


Are there any cheat codes for nitrous racing on MySpace?

Theres autorace

Where to get Racing nitrous bottles refilled in Florida?

They should have a refill stand near the entrance

Where do you get nitrous in gta the ballad of gay tony?

You can only get it in oneof the missions with mori, in a triaphon or when racing online.

Is nitrogen used in street racing cars?

Nitromethane is used for top fuel racing. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is used for street racing. Mixing some methanol with your gasoline gives some boost too.

How is banger racing different from a standard racing?

Banger racing is different from standard racing. Banger racing involves driving on a dirt track and using vehicles that have been constructed by the drivers.

What is an example of spur gear?

racing cars,and other vehicles...

How was Nitrous Oxide used in drag racing and nascar racing?

Nitrous Oxide is still used in drag racing but as far as i know it is not or has ever been used in NASCAR. Nitrous is a nonflammable gas that expands really fast when exposed to a heat source. It is used with the same idea as a blower or supercharger. Forcing as much air into the engine as possible. The engines have low compression pistons in them and the nitrous is injected into the intake usually in stages raising the shot pressure as the car moves down the track. Which in turn causes the fuel to burn allot easier, fuel is much more volatile under pressure. When you see the cars explode and they say it was a nitrous explosion it is almost the same effect as blowing up a paper bag and popping it only with fuel mixed with it.

What is nitrous oxide used for?

Nitrous Oxide has many useful purposes. It can also be abused like any other inhalant drug. First and foremost, it is used as a propellant in aerosol sprays (Hair Spray, Whipped Cream... etc). Secondly, it is used as a performance enhancer in racing vehicles. Finally, it is used by Dentists to relax and sedate patients while they are performing various procedures.

What was Enzo Ferrari's interest?

His interest was surprisingly never actually putting out road vehicles, his priority was always his racing team. He started making road vehicles so he could afford his racing team.