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If a player shoots and it doesn't hit the backboard or rim, and they catch it before it hits the floor, it's a travel. The ball either has to:

a) Hit the rim or backboard.

b) Hit the ground

before the player can retain possession again.

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Q: Nba rebound their own miss even if it does not touch the rim or backboard?
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What is the NBA rulle on when a person shooting the ball rebound their own miss even if it does not touch the rim or backboard?

I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that it would be called a travel not sure though. Hope this helps!!!

Can a person shooting the ball rebound their on miss even if the ball doesn't touch anything?

If it's an airball then no. If it just hits backboard then you aren't supposed to be able to but I see certain players do it all the time.

Can a person shooting the ball rebound their own miss if it does not touch the rim?

Yeah, of course, but just do not stay in the box for too long.

Are you more likely to swish hit off backboard or miss on a free throw in basketball?

hit off backboard

Is it considered traveling or some other violation for a player to shoot the ball not a free throw shot hit the backboard but miss the rim and then get his own rebound?

No, it is not consider a traveling vioation. If the ref considers it a shot, the shooter can even catch their own "air ball" without it being a violation.

What is a dead ball rebound in basketball?

after a free throw (which is a dead ball situation) if they miss the basket and you catch 'the rebound'

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