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SOCCER is a national sport in every country

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Q: National sport in every country in the world?
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Is soccer a national sport?

Yes, soccer is a national sport. In fact, it is the most widely popular sport in the world, and almost every country has a league of some sort and participates in the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world (The Olympics may be too).

What are the sports in Wales?

The same as in every other country in the world... Rugby is the national sport, however

What is the national sport of saudia?

The national sport of Saudi Arabia is mostly likely football (also known as soccer). This is definitely the most popular sport and is played throughout the entir world in just about every country. Another popular sport however in Saudi Arabia is Cricket.

Where is the sport soccer played?

Soccer is played in practially every country on every contient of the world.

What country's play soccer?

Nearly every country in the world has a football team. It is a very popular world wide sport.

What is the national sport of burkina faso?

National sport of Burkina Faso is "Football". Country also ranked in 42nd position in FIFA world Ranking.

What is the second least popular sport in the world?

Generalizing would be wrong. Every country has a popular sport and an uncommon (even obscure) sport.

Most viewed sport in the world?

Soccer is the most viewed sport in the world almost every country in the globe has some type of team or is somehow afflicted with it

What professional sport produces the most revenue in the world?

Soccer because it is played in almost every country in the world.

What country refer's to soccer as ''football''?

Nearly every country in the world except USA. Football is the name for this sport in nearly all parts of the world.

Is football the most populer sport?

In nearly every country in the world. America is one noted as not.

Is soccer the world's outright number one sport?

Yes; played in nearly every country.

Should soccer be a world sport?

It is a world sport, on a national and club level.

What countries play volleyball?

Probably almost every country; Volleyball is the 2nd most popular sport in the world.

Which sport is the richest?

well, in my opinion soccer is the richest sport in the world because it is a very big sport and every country in the are playing soccer..... some people think that golf is the richest sport but i would it isn't because it is a very expesive sport..........

Is soccer very popular?

It's the most popular sport in the world. Almost every country in the world tried to qualify for the 2010 World Cup, which is the biggest sports event in the world.

What is the most popular sport world wide?

football (soccer for Americans) is the most played sport in the world by far. over 75 percent of the worlds populations plays football. almost every country has a football league.

What countries now play football soccer?

Just about every country in the world does. FIFA, the world governing body of the sport, has over 200 countries as members.

Which countries practice paganism?

No country practices Paganism exclusively as their national religion. However, every country in the world has Pagan practicing citizens.

Why should people play foootball?

Because it is the universal sport, played in almost every country in the world, so it has to be fun right?

Is Formula One racing an Italian sport?

no its a world sport. but all its tracks every every where except the America.

What is the National sport of Iceland?

Team handball is often referred to as a national sport. Iceland's team is one of the top ranked teams in the world.

What countries does soccer play?

every country in the world play soccer socially or competitively. It is the most popular sport all around the globe.

Which sport should I play?

of coarse you HAVE to play hockey it's the all-time bestest sport in the world you could play tennis,golf,or soccer soccer is a sport that every country can play

Why isn't every sport in the olympics?

They can't possibly put every sport in the olympics. There may be a thousand sports around the world. For example, sumo wrestling in Japan, is a sport. And, it is NOT a sport in the olympics.