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Dr. Joseph Reed, at the Battle of Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill).

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Q: Names of Patriots who died for their country?
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What is the blood of patriots?

"Patriots" are people who love, support, and defend their country. The "blood of patriots" is the blood/life spilled by patriots defending their cause and country.

What were other name of patriots?

As of August 2013, there are four other names for patriots. The four other names for patriots are rebels, revolutionaries, congress-men, and American whigs.

What are names of patriots?

There are so many other names of patriots. Some of these names include loyalists, partisans, nationalists and compatriots among many other names that show loyalty.

What were other names for patriots?


Who are some patriots that died during the American revolution?

During the American Revolution the patriots were the people that believed that America would be better gaining their freedom from Great Britain. Crispus Attucks was one of more than 25,000 patriots that died for this cause. Nathan Hale was an American spy that gave his life for our country.

What were 3 names for the patriots?

The Boston Patriots 1960-1970, Bay State Patriots February and March 1971, and the New England Patriots 1971-present

The loyalist concidered the patriots to be the traitors to their country and themselves to be the true patriots?


Did the patriots want indpendence?

Yes, the Americans were the patriots fighting for the new country.

What were the names of the colonial that fought in American revolution?


Did black patriots like their country?


What is the New England Patriots country?

The USA.

Why do patriots care about there country?

Look it for your self